Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Inspiration

Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Inspiration

Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Inspiration Special Additions

3 Tips to Revamp Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Your bathroom vanity cabinets can be the focal point of the entire room. When attempting to achieve a specific style for your bathroom, your vanity cabinets are a great place to start! Without remodeling your entire bathroom, you can still give the space a makeover for a modern look and feel. Here’s how!

Tip 1: Clean Lines

Clean lines are an integral feature of modern design. Opt for streamlined vanity cabinets instead of rounded or ornate styles to add a modern, architectural feel to your bathroom. When choosing your bathroom vanity cabinets, look for dramatic lines, asymmetrical design features, and bold hardware for a simple, chic and modern style.

Frameless cabinet doors and drawers are a great way to incorporate clean lines into your bathroom. You can also play around with fun details and accents, such as contemporary light fixtures and a frameless mirror.

A wall-mounted vanity is an excellent option for making a small space feel less cramped and adds a unique modern flair. This type of vanity is also beneficial for rooms with floor heating or cooling units.

Tip 2: Balance Your Colors

Cool greys, blacks, and whites are staples in modern design. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to a monochromatic or clinical bathroom space to achieve a contemporary style.

You can use contrasting colors like dark greys, bright whites, and a few accent colors for a clean yet exciting look. In addition to accent colors, a graphic, geometric backsplash can add flair to a monochromatic bathroom. Don’t be afraid of patterns if that fits your style—you can easily incorporate patterns and textures into a modern aesthetic. Conversely, a cool concrete backsplash can provide contrast with warmer cabinets or other features for balance.

A dramatic grain of wood —especially cool or neutral-toned or whitewashed woods—can add a modern look without sacrificing warmth, in case all-white marble isn’t your style. If you opt for wood cabinets, glass or metal accents in cabinet doors can add balance to your color palette.

It’s important to remember that your bathroom vanity cabinets don’t have to be inconveniently minimalist to be stylish and modern. You can mix materials, patterns, and styles to incorporate your personal flair with a modern approach.

Tip 3: Get Creative With Storage

It’s important to remember not to sacrifice or overlook storage and utility to achieve a minimalist style. Your bathroom space should be convenient and efficient for your day-to-day life, in addition to being well-designed.

An open, table-inspired vanity is a minimalist and modern option for adding style while still using the open space underneath for additional decorative elements or easily accessible storage of bathroom necessities. Cabinets, floating shelves, and organizers are all easy ways to add more architectural lines to your design while also increasing your bathroom’s storage.

Your Dream Bathroom Awaits

Your bathroom vanity cabinets are essential in creating a modern look and feel in your bathroom. When you’re ready for a change, the design experts at Special Additions can help you revamp your bathroom and bring your modern design dreams to life. Contact us today!