Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes Special Additions

Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting project! However, with so many details that go into the space, some integral aspects can be easily overlooked when remodeling. Here are some common kitchen remodeling mistakes and tips to avoid them, so you can guarantee your new kitchen is everything you could ever want (and more).

Not Designing Your Kitchen For Your Own Needs and Wants

It’s essential that your kitchen reflects your personal style and fits your home and family’s individual needs—especially as we spend more time at home. For example, cabinets that aren’t large enough to hold your plates, or a setup that doesn’t allow for bar seating for your kids, doesn’t do you any good.

Additionally, getting hung up on resale value is a widespread kitchen remodeling mistake. Fixating on resale value can cause you to sacrifice your unique tastes and wants. You and your family will be spending the most time in your new kitchen, so make sure it’s perfect for you!

Focusing Too Much On Trends

Another common mistake is settling for an all-white, marble-everything kitchen because it’s what’s in style. While trends can help navigate you to a specific aesthetic or inspire some details, you mustn’t completely ignore your personal taste or the look and feel of the rest of your home. Adding fun pops of color or even going with bright or dark cabinets and other focal points can liven up your kitchen in a way that all white marble can’t.

Forgetting About the Details

Don’t ignore the details. Cabinets’ hardware, faucets, trim, and other design details can tie the room together, making all the difference.

In addition to style, details in how your kitchen will flow and be used are crucial. Ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for traffic jams or accidentally making your cooking process more difficult by ignoring details such as where your stove, sink, prep area, and refrigerator are located.

You’ll also want to think about how the space will flow with multiple cooks in the kitchen. Family members, tiny helpers, and holiday gatherings all present opportunities for making memories and using the kitchen together, but poor planning can prevent your space from being effective.

Your range and countertop material should fit into the room and also be beneficial for your needs. Don’t just opt for whatever is cheapest if it doesn’t match what you want or need.

One final detail that homeowners often overlook is lighting. Make sure you spend enough time planning out your kitchen lighting for both style and utility.

Don’t Get Tied Up in Tradition

The last common kitchen remodeling mistake is being married to the idea of traditional features, such as upper cabinets. Your remodeling process is your opportunity to reflect on what would look and work best in your own kitchen. Consider alternatives—you can opt for shelves for a trendy, open storage option instead of upper cabinets. This can free up wall space for a decorative backsplash, wallpaper accent, or other art and design details to make the room your own.

Renovate Your Dream Kitchen with Special Additions

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