Kitchen Cabinet Installation: What to Expect

Kitchen Cabinet Installation: What to Expect

Kitchen Cabinet Installation: What to Expect Special Additions

The Ultimate Kitchen Cabinet Installation Checklist

The kitchen is the soul of the home, where you prepare food and entertain loved ones. Likewise, your kitchen cabinets are often the focal point of the room. Not only are they often where the eyes are drawn to when you enter the kitchen, but they are also integral to the flow and utility of your space. Hiring a qualified professional to install your new cabinets is the most important part of your kitchen cabinet installation. Special Additions’ design professionals will have all of the tools and skills needed to install your new cabinets successfully.

In the meantime, here are some things you can do to prepare for the construction process. Keep reading to get started with our ultimate kitchen cabinet installation checklist!

Before Installation

  • Unload everything from the kitchen cabinets that you will be removing. Remember to label any boxes for quick reloading after your new cabinets are installed. Doing this can also provide an opportunity to restructure and reorganize your cabinet storage system!
  • Make sure you have sufficient space for preparing food and washing dishes while renovations are taking place. To minimize the number of dishes you’ll have to clean, consider stocking up on single-use plates and utensils.
  • Clear all kitchen countertops.
  • Remove anything hanging on kitchen walls and move any furniture away from walls where cabinet installation will occur.
  • Ensure you have a designated space for the new cabinets to be stored when they arrive before installation begins.
  • As soon as cabinets arrive, make sure your order is correct and complete so that you can resolve any potential issues before installation is scheduled to begin.

During Installation

  • While having your cabinets professionally installed, make sure you are around to ensure cabinets are installed exactly where you want them. Remain near the construction site for the duration of your kitchen cabinet installation in case the professional installation team needs your assistance.
  • Keep all kids and pets away from the kitchen area during construction for safety and efficiency during the project.
  • Turn off any HVAC systems during the construction process, especially during sanding. This will help to contain dust and debris and make post-installation cleanup faster.
  • Once the cabinets are installed and before the team leaves, make sure all cabinet doors open and close properly. Alert installers of any issues immediately so they can resolve them.

After Installation

  • After your cabinets are successfully installed, wipe down the insides of all cabinets before placing your plates, utensils, and other items back into them.
  • Be sure to carefully read all manufacturer instructions for caring for your kitchen cabinets. Cleaning and maintaining your cabinets as per manufacturer’s instructions will help to ensure your cabinets’ longevity.

Work with Our Professional Kitchen Cabinet Installers

The kitchen cabinet installation process is an exciting step in your kitchen renovation! Hiring a trusted team is the most important step in ensuring your cabinets are installed just as you imagined. Follow this checklist to create an environment conducive to a quick and efficient installation.

To work with a team of experts during your kitchen renovation, contact Special Additions today!