How to Style Glass Kitchen Cabinets

How to Style Glass Kitchen Cabinets

How to Style Glass Kitchen Cabinets Special Additions

Revamp Your Glass Kitchen Cabinets with These Tips

Glass kitchen cabinets are an elegant and classic choice. They can fit into many different kitchen designs and be styled in many ways to reflect your personal tastes while highlighting your unique kitchenware and décor.

Discover our top tips for revamping your glass kitchen cabinets!

Pros of Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Installing even a few glass front cabinets can revamp and transform your kitchen by breaking up the monotony of solid cabinets and adding depth to the room. Glass kitchen cabinets instantly open up the space and are ideal for displaying china and decor.

There are many options to choose from, from the cabinet frames to the glass texture. Frosted, seeded, or textured glass can hide more cluttered cabinets while still adding the contrast of a glass-front cabinet. In contrast, transparent or leaded glass can beautifully showcase the cabinets’ contents.

Styling Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Be strategic in how you organize the contents of your cabinets. While you can utilize glass cabinets to display art or other decor, make sure you’re also taking full advantage of the functionality of glass cabinets! Glass kitchen cabinets make it easier to identify what’s in each, so use this to your advantage when deciding where to store things.

Thoughtfully arrange all objects in your glass cabinets—even dishware and other frequently-used items—to get the most style out of your glass cabinets. Keep things balanced inside the cabinets to make the display easier on the eyes.

You should also be aware of your kitchen lighting. Glass cabinets reflect light, making the room appear brighter and more spacious. If you are thoughtful about where light sources, including natural light from windows, are located in relation to your glass cabinets, you can take full advantage of their reflective qualities!

Finally, be mindful of the color of the objects you are displaying in glass cabinets. It can be helpful to decide on a color palette before choosing the exact objects to be displayed. Think of your glass cabinets like a museum display and mindfully curate their contents.

Caring for Glass Kitchen Cabinets

It’s essential to have a good glass cleaner on hand to ensure your glass kitchen cabinets stay streak and smudge-free. In addition, glass kitchen cabinets are more vulnerable to damage than solid cabinet doors, so open and close cabinets with care to guarantee your cabinets’ longevity. Think about who will be using them—it may be wise to place glass front cabinets out of reach of little ones to keep them looking their best.

Place less frequently used things or more fragile things on top shelves to keep them safe. The top shelf of glass cabinets is also an ideal spot for valuable decor pieces, as they are much less likely to be accidentally damaged while trying to grab glass or dishware.

Find the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets with Special Additions

There are countless possibilities for styling glass cabinets in your kitchen! If you’re ready to add glass kitchen cabinets to your space, or for more inspiration on how to style your glass cabinets, contact Special Additions today!