Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

Modern Master Bathroom Ideas Special Additions

How to Create Your Perfect Modern Master Bathroom

With proper inspiration and planning, you can transform your master bathroom into a modern, luxurious spa! Whether you are designing or remodeling your bathroom or just looking to implement a few key features, you can turn your master bathroom into a relaxing and stylish oasis.

Luxurious Modern Features

When designing your modern master bathroom, focus on clean, architectural lines. Planning the space around a color palette of whites, blacks, and grays can keep you on track to a sleek, modern design.

When choosing materials for your modern master bathroom, an emphasis on stone can set the mood for the entire room. Stone tile floors, marble floors, and even marble walls are all top choices for a modern bathroom.

If you are working on a more limited budget or with a smaller space, a mirrored wall can add depth and style to the space—without the need to dish out for marble.

If you are designing or completely remodeling your master bath, removing walls to create an open bathroom floor plan will elicit the feeling of a luxurious spa or bathhouse.

Ideas for Modern Appliances and Fixtures

A floating, wall-mounted toilet instead of a standard floor-mounted toilet is a stylish choice that opens up the room. Additionally, a floating vanity and open or floating shelving add modernity and breeziness.

A free-standing soaker tub is an excellent choice for a modern bathtub. A curbless shower is ultra-modern and beautifully chic. You can also incorporate a steam shower for a little extra luxury in your master bath.

In terms of cabinet hardware, angular options contribute to the architectural lines of a modern space. Warm gold hardware can make the space less cold, whereas polished chrome, brushed nickel, and black hardware have a more contemporary feel.

Modern light fixtures and frameless mirrors are small details that go a long way in creating a modern master bath!

Other Modern Accents

You can also use accents and decor to further modernize your master bathroom. Utilize natural light, and incorporate greenery with live plants to add a breath of life to an otherwise sleek room.

Modern doesn’t mean boring! You can still achieve a modern master bathroom while playing with interesting, unique, and personal accents such as art and decor to make the space your own.

Simple additions like a bathtub caddy or stylish towel warmers are easy ways to give the room a spa feel without undergoing a complete renovation.

Incorporating Other Styles

A modern style doesn’t have to be cold. You can incorporate warmer, more traditional features and accents while still maintaining a modern feel.

For example, you could use natural wood grain cabinets to bring warmth to the space, or incorporate subway tile for a retro feel. Rustic, warm, and vintage details can create a mid-century modern vibe. Alternatively, aim for an elevated vintage design by incorporating ornate, classic, and elegant pieces into a chic modern master bathroom.

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