Your Guide to Creating the Best Kitchen Island Bar

Your Guide to Creating the Best Kitchen Island Bar

Your Guide to Creating the Best Kitchen Island Bar Special Additions

Finding The Best Kitchen Island Bar for Your Home

The kitchen is the soul of a home, and a kitchen island bar creates additional seating for more room to gather. There are many styles of kitchen islands to consider, and the one you choose should be the one that works best in your space and with your needs.

What is a Kitchen Island Bar?

A typical kitchen island bar may include a traditional center island design with a countertop, storage space or cabinets, and a dining area.

An alternative to the center island design is incorporating the kitchen island bar by removing half of a wall enclosing the kitchen.

Standard Height Kitchen Islands

There are two basic kitchen island heights. Standard kitchen island height, or counter height, is 36 inches, while kitchen island bar height is 42 inches. Both heights can incorporate bar seating.

A standard height island is excellent for showing off countertops since they are eye-level. This may be the right choice for you if you are incorporating an island countertop that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinets. Standard height is also ideal for homes with small children or people with mobility concerns. The lower bar stools are easier and safer to climb onto.

If you frequently use your island counter space for cooking and meal prep, counter height will be more convenient in your kitchen. Additionally, if you plan to install a sink in your kitchen island, counter height would likely be your best option.

Counter height islands are also a good choice for smaller spaces. The uninterrupted view of the space gives the illusion of a larger kitchen. However, a bar height island can still work in smaller spaces!

Bar Height Kitchen Islands

Bar height kitchen islands are a wonderful choice if you want a partial partition between rooms. This height creates a nice transition between the kitchen and other rooms without disrupting the flow. This makes kitchen island bars excellent for more extensive, open floor plans.

Again, think about who will be using the bar seating. Bar height may be difficult for some people to access, and bar height islands can make cooking and prep slightly more difficult.

If your kitchen island bar will primarily be used for seating, bar height islands make for a gorgeous, well-defined seating area.

Things to Consider

There is no hard and fast rule for deciding what type of kitchen island is best suited for your home. When choosing, it’s essential to think about your needs and your space. Think about the layout of your kitchen and which design and height would work best within your specific limitations, and highlight your kitchen’s strengths.

Additionally, consider your lighting. For example, if you have drop lights above your island space, a bar height island may interfere with the lighting or create an awkward imbalance. You can mitigate this by changing your lighting or opting for a counter height bar.

Finally, you may choose an island with open storage underneath for a more industrial look and quick access to kitchen necessities. Closed island cabinets create a classic, streamlined look and add hidden storage.

Create a Kitchen Island Bar with Special Additions

Our design specialists can help you create the perfect kitchen with ease. To work with expert designers to choose and install the best kitchen island bar for your home, contact Special Additions today!