7 Ways to Go Green in Your Kitchen for Earth Day

7 Ways to Go Green in Your Kitchen for Earth Day

7 Ways to Go Green in Your Kitchen for Earth Day Special Additions

Here’s How You Can Go Green in Your Kitchen

As spring blooms and Earth Day approaches, it is an excellent time to consider how you can make your kitchen a more environmentally conscious, sustainable space. Here are some ways you can go green in your kitchen—from minor tweaks to tips on remodeling with the earth in mind.

Small Changes

Without undergoing a complete kitchen remodel, there are still simple ways you can incorporate green habits into your space and your life!

Create DIY Décor

Choose DIY decor with repurposed wood and other materials rather than buying new decor pieces. You can also switch to reusable paper towels, napkins, and cleaning rags to cut down on paper products. Buy trendy reusable linens or make your own to fit your unique style!

Upgrade Storage

Upgrade your storage for reusable containers and lids. A lazy Susan or organized shelves makes locating a container and its matching lid easier. The more quickly you can grab a reusable container, the less tempted you’ll be to choose single-use plastic storage methods.

You can also elevate your recycling storage by choosing decorative cans to sort your recycling in style. While thinking about your waste removal, you can even try composting! Start small with a hidden, stylish countertop compost bin for collecting food scraps. Research local or municipal compost disposal options or experiment with your own compost pile!

Invest in Reusable Products

Investing in quality, long-lasting cookware, dishware, and utensils helps you save money in the long run and means fewer of these items end up in landfills. Go green while saving some green!

Additionally, use reusable bags when transporting produce and groceries. A cute hook in the kitchen for storing your reusable bags makes them easier to grab and go, and being in the open makes you less likely to forget them when running out to the market. Stock those reusable bags with local foods and produce whenever possible. Incorporate fruit baskets into your kitchen counter situation. Displaying your gorgeous, colorful produce adds life to the room and makes you less likely to forget about it—leading to less food waste.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Although disinfecting is on the top of everyone’s minds lately, the harshest, most chemical-laden formulas don’t necessarily mean the cleanest clean. Opt for natural, nontoxic kitchen cleaners whenever possible. They’re better for family members, pets, and the environment—and you can even make your own with vinegar and baking soda.

Make Your Green Go Even Further

If you’re looking for bigger, more transformative ways to make your kitchen greener, you can approach your kitchen design or remodel with sustainability in mind.

  • Choose energy-efficient models and designs when shopping for kitchen appliances such as stoves and dishwashers. Also, try cooking with less energy-intensive appliances like pressure cookers and crockpots.
  • Revamp before remodeling—the more ways you can update and use old kitchen cabinets, appliances, and other features, the less waste you create.
  • Recycle your old kitchen pieces when it’s time to remodel. You can do so by selling them, giving them away on resale sites, or donating them to thrift stores. When decorating your remodeled kitchen, look for antique, vintage, and upcycled materials and pieces for a unique style with a smaller carbon footprint!

Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen with Special Additions

At Special Additions, we’re happy to help you design the sustainable kitchen of your dreams. For more tips on how to go green in your kitchen or for your mindful remodeling needs, contact us today!