Are Appliance Garages Still In Style?

Are Appliance Garages Still In Style?

Are Appliance Garages Still In Style? Special Additions

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Corner Appliance Garage

Appliance garages used to be a popular way to declutter kitchen counters. For a while, appliance garages fell out of style, despite their practicality. When you hear “kitchen appliance garage” you may recollect visions of kitchens’ past, but appliance garages are still an amazing choice for adding organization and style to your space!

The main draw of appliance garages is the hidden storage which helps to streamline kitchen counters. They can also make kitchen cleaning simpler by limiting the amount of dust that is able to collect on individual kitchen appliances. Corner appliance garages can also be helpful in keeping tiny hands away from potentially hazardous appliances in households with small children.

Here are some ideas for incorporating a modern kitchen appliance garage into your home.

Unique Ways to Incorporate Appliance Garages

With a variety of materials, sizes, and door attachment styles, you can surely find an appliance garage that fits your specific needs. When choosing the appliance garage that’s best for your kitchen, it’s important to make sure the door to your appliance garage will work in your space. Make sure the door is able to open and that when open, the door doesn’t disrupt other kitchen functions.

Mid-Century Simplicity

Embrace the nostalgia of a roll-top corner appliance garage by styling your kitchen with mid-century simplicity and style in mind. The retro feel coupled with modern convenience is a superb combination for a stylish and usable kitchen!

Wood Accents

Add warmth by incorporating more wood into your kitchen with a wooden appliance garage. You can choose a wood stain that matches your cabinets for easy cohesion, or choose a contrasting tone for additional flair. You may even opt for a painted appliance garage instead of a woodgrain for a fun pop of color!

Corner Appliance Garages

Corner kitchen appliance garages are a great way to integrate a microwave into your kitchen cabinets. Again, this helps to streamline your space and add safety features for families with kids. You can also utilize an appliance garage as a coffee station, hiding a coffee maker, coffee, sugar, and any other caffeine accoutrements you may not want out on your kitchen counters.

Ask the Professionals At Special Additions

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