Modernize Your Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Modernize Your Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Modernize Your Maple Kitchen Cabinets Special Additions

How to Style Maple Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Maple cabinets have long been a top choice for kitchen cabinets. With a smooth, even, and fine wood grain, maple cabinets are a versatile option. However, as kitchen design and decor trends evolve, some longtime staples can begin to look dated. Although the uniform grain of maple can make it a wonderful choice for your kitchen cabinets, even these can appear out of style. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to revamp your space and bring it up to date without ditching those fabulous maple kitchen cabinets!

Maple is a strong hardwood. Updating and styling your cabinets rather than replacing them, is a great way to take advantage of maple’s longevity. Additionally, maple is typically a lighter-toned wood, so it can fit with many different styles! Here are some ideas on how to style your maple kitchen cabinets:

Simple Modernization

For a simple modernization, installing a bold backsplash will draw the eye away from the cabinets and add contrast to the space. Black countertops can also add contrast and flair. One of the simplest ways to update your maple cabinets is to update the pulls on cabinet doors and drawers. You can find pulls in a wide array of colors and styles, making it easy to achieve any look you desire. For an even more modern look, you can remove the doors from your cabinets and replace them with glass panel doors.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Transport your kitchen to sunny Tuscany with accents and accessories that give your maple cabinets a Tuscan-inspired feel. Soapstone backsplash and warm-colored accents act as gorgeous complements while ornate iron accents cohere the elegance of a dreamy Tuscan kitchen.

For a more rustic, countryside-inspired kitchen, pair maple cabinets with oiled bronze hardware and a rugged, natural stone backsplash.

Mid-Century Modern

Make your maple kitchen cabinets fit a mid-century modern motif using retro drop lights paired with sleek accents and decor. Abundant natural light, maple cabinets, and added greenery create Scandinavian simplicity in any space.

Work with an Expert Design Team

Of course, you may also choose to replace your maple cabinets, updating your cabinets for a fresh new look. Alternatively, updating your appliances is also a great way to bring new life to your kitchen. Installing sleek stainless steel kitchen appliances instantly gives the room a facelift, bringing your maple cabinets up to date.

For more ideas on how to modernize your maple kitchen cabinets, or for assistance in picking out brand new kitchen cabinets, contact Special Additions and work with our expert designers!