What are European-Style Kitchen Cabinets?

What are European-Style Kitchen Cabinets?

What are European-Style Kitchen Cabinets? Special Additions

Exploring European-Style Frameless Cabinets

When designing your kitchen, the cabinets you choose can define the entire room’s style and ambiance. Plus, there are so many cabinet styles to choose from—many of which you may not even know are an option!

For example, most cabinets in America have a frame where the wood extends past the box of the cabinet. On the other hand, European-style cabinets are frameless. These are a sleek and functional option to consider when choosing your kitchen cabinets! Read on to discover the many benefits of selecting these frameless cabinets for your home.

European-Style Cabinet Aesthetics

Frameless cabinets do not have any wood which extends past the box—they feature just the cabinets themselves. The cabinet doors stretch across the cabinet’s face, making their profile appear clean and seamless. As a result, European-style kitchen cabinets contribute a minimalist, mid-century modern, Scandinavian-inspired feel to the room.

Choose European-style cabinets in fresh white hues for an easy, airy look, black for a contemporary cooking space, or natural wood grain for timeless simplicity. Frameless cabinets pair beautifully with polished and brushed hardware alike and can be accented with virtually any color of hardware and appliances. European-style kitchen cabinets typically have pulls instead of knobs, further contributing to their modern style. Pair with architectural light fixtures, kitchen hardware, and appliances for simple elegance, or match with vintage-inspired pieces for a lovely mid-century nostalgia. There are endless possibilities for styling frameless cabinets in your kitchen!

Storage Options

A sleek appearance isn’t the only benefit to opting for frameless cabinets! European-style cabinets may offer more room for storage than framed American-style cabinets. Since the entire width of the cabinet is open without a frame, you may be able to take advantage of the extra space for storage. Additionally, in double door frameless cabinets, there is no wood panel down the middle separating the two doors, and instead, there is one large cabinet. This allows you to store larger items in the cabinets and makes stocking the cabinets simpler. The lack of wood in the middle of the cabinet also makes inserting and rearranging cabinet shelves easier.

Another option is to opt for doorless, frameless cabinets for open storage. The drawers are also larger and deeper in European-style cabinets, thanks to the frameless design.

Accessibility and Durability

European-style cabinets are easier to access than framed ones, making them an excellent choice for families with children or family members with accessibility concerns.

Ready to Choose Your European-Style Cabinets?

If you’re ready to globalize your kitchen space with the addition of European-style frameless cabinets, or if you still need some assistance in your design process, Special Additions is here to help. With a team of expert designers that can bring your dreams to life, we’ll help you find the kitchen style best suited for your home and family. Contact Special Additions today to make kitchen magic!