Unconventional Places to Add Cabinet Space

Unconventional Places to Add Cabinet Space

Unconventional Places to Add Cabinet Space Special Additions

Add Extra Cabinet Space to Spice Up Your Home Design

It’s no secret—we’re always looking for more places to store things. From added shelving in the living room to a secret snack drawer in the kitchen, there’s always a need for more space. The problem is often finding a spot for a cabinet in the first place.

Fortunately, there are a few innovative ways to create storage in your home without compromising on livability and style. Here are the top unconventional places to add cabinet space in your home!


Hiding cabinets with furniture is a perfect way to save space. Whether it’s within sofas and ottomans or kitchen islands, there’s plenty of room to be found. Previously unused areas can be converted to add cabinet space, such as under a living room table or in a tucked-away kitchen corner.


Basements are a blank canvas in most homes. Luckily, using your basement as a storage room can free up precious space in the rest of the home. Cabinets installed there can be used for a variety of purposes, such as organizing and storing things like holiday decorations or outdoor supplies.


The entryway to the home needs more cabinet space than you may think. From shoes and coats to umbrellas and handbags, a lot of items can clutter your home’s entrance. Adding cabinets will make cleaning easier and keep everything in one place.

Dining Room

The dining room is a great area to add extra cabinet space, especially with stylish glass-door cabinets. These double as both storage space and gorgeous décor. In addition, you can stow away items like fine china, wine bottles, or antiques and display them to guests.


Finally, a home office is a great place to plan extra cabinet space for storing electronics and office supplies. If you have enough wall space, installing cabinets should be easy and help free up space from your desk. Aim for a modern, professional design that is easy to access during your workday.

Add Extra Cabinet Space with Special Additions

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