Adding Crown Molding to Cabinets

Adding Crown Molding to Cabinets

Adding Crown Molding to Cabinets Special Additions

The Benefits of Adding Crown Molding to Cabinets

Adding crown molding to cabinets is an easy way to elevate the style of your kitchen or bathroom. Offered in a variety of versatile colors and designs, crown molding can add elegant style and flair to even the simplest of designs.

Here are the top benefits of adding crown molding to cabinets in your home.

Easy Installation

Installation of crown molding is relatively simple:

  • First, a designer will mark on the cabinet where to install the crown molding. Next, they will ensure that all gaps on the crown of the cabinet are filled in. This can quickly be done with a scrap piece of wood or some plaster.
  • They will then measure and cut all pieces of wood before installing them, angling the cut in a way so that the side and front pieces fit together without overlapping.
  • Afterwards, the designer will tape the pieces into place on top of the cabinet and ensure they all line up.
  • Finally, they will nail each piece into place, successfully adding crown molding to your cabinets!

Added Dimension to the Cabinet

In addition to easy installation, another added benefit of crown molding is how it brings extra dimension to the room. Most styles of molding cast shadows on the walls and ceiling to project the cabinet’s silhouette. Ultimately, the design draws the eye and makes the fixture pop. By adding crown molding to cabinets, you’re sure to avoid a plain room.

Hides Seams

Crown molding hides wall-to-ceiling seams and adds new visual flair. Particularly on higher cabinets, molding can hide the corners of the room either behind itself or in the shadows, keeping these areas out of sight. Plus, if the molding is installed in a certain way, you can even make your room appear larger than its true size.

Choosing a Design for Cabinets’ Crown Molding

How do you decide on a design for your cabinets’ crown molding? The trick is to start with simple designs, shapes, and colors first. Keeping the design simple will help tie the cabinet and room together while also eliminating unnecessary visual distractions. If the cabinet features a more traditional or detailed style, then you may opt for a more detailed molding design instead.

Need Help Adding Crown Molding to Cabinets?

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