Creating a Hidden Coffee Bar with Kitchen Cabinets

Creating a Hidden Coffee Bar with Kitchen Cabinets

Creating a Hidden Coffee Bar with Kitchen Cabinets Special Additions

Adding a Hidden Coffee Bar with Kitchen Cabinets

A hidden coffee bar is a popular new fixture in redesigned kitchens. Whether it’s conveniently located under the counter or in a pantry next to your refrigerator, hidden coffee bars seem to make mornings just a little bit better. Here are a few things to look out for when designing your own at-home coffee bar for your kitchen.

Location, Location, Location

When planning the location of the hidden coffee bar, make sure the spot you choose won’t lead to any difficulties during or after installation. You may need to reconfigure your kitchen’s design, update your cabinetry, or consider where appliances are located in relation to the bar. Always plan ahead so you don’t run into inconveniences down the line.

Know Your Appliances’ Measurements

Before deciding on anything else regarding the design, ensure you know the size of your appliances and what you want to fit within the hidden coffee bar. This way, you’ll avoid any disappointment that your cabinet is smaller than you envisioned. When measuring for space, consider the appliances and any extras you might throw in there like mug holders or coffee creamers.

Consider Electrical Outlets

Make sure that your hidden coffee bar has at least one or two electrical outlets within reach. After all, what’s the point of hiding a coffee bar if you have to move the coffee machine? Coordinate with electricians and design contractors to create a bar with the perfect placement of outlets. With the right placement and design, all you’ll need to do every morning is open the coffee bar and turn on the machine.

Plan Any Extras Ahead of Time

Work into your plan any extras you want in your bar. For example, will you want any roll-out shelves? Will you choose double cabinet doors or just one? Make sure you have the space to accommodate all the extras you want.

Create Your Own Hidden Coffee Bar

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