A Guide to Matching Tile to Cabinets

A Guide to Matching Tile to Cabinets

A Guide to Matching Tile to Cabinets Special Additions

3 Tips for Matching Tile to Cabinets

When remodeling or designing your kitchen or bathroom, there are seemingly endless decisions to make. Two of the main features to consider when planning your new kitchen or bathroom are the tiling and the cabinets. Matching tile to cabinets may not be the first thing you think of in your plans, but focusing on how these aspects will match, coordinate, or complement each other can change the entire look and feel of the room. As you begin your home renovation or designing process, follow this guide on matching tile to cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom!

Tip 1: Pre-Plan Your Tiles’ Style

Even before picking out tile or cabinets, you’ll need to decide on a concept for your space. Do you want an overall lighter or darker color scheme for the room? Do you want to add accents, contrasts, and popping pieces or stick with a more consistent theme?

Besides just deciding whether you want coordinating, complementing, or contrasting colors, decide if you’re going to play with a mix of textures and patterns. Using contrast can accentuate certain pieces in a room that you wish to highlight. For example, if you want your bathroom vanity to stand out, opting for white cabinets and darker tile and countertop material can make the light vanity pop.

Of course, beyond contrast, monochromatic and complementary palettes are other styles to consider when choosing a concept for your kitchen or bathroom. Complementary and monochromatic palettes can contribute a sleek, sophisticated look to your space. You can use different shades, tones, and textures of the same or similar colors for added depth.

Tip 2: Choose All Tiles and Cabinets Before Installation

Plan all components before jumping into the renovation. Before you start demoing your existing features, have a plan for all of the pieces for your new space. Having tile and cabinets chosen before you begin installing either will help you make sure they match or coordinate precisely how you want them to, instead of choosing one piece at a time throughout the process.

If you are designing a bathroom, you will need to decide if you will install tile before or after installing a vanity. There are pros and cons to each approach, but knowing what tile, vanity, and countertop you want to incorporate into your room can help you make an informed decision on the order of your installation.

Tip 3: Remember the Little Details

Don’t forget about the details when matching tile to cabinets. In addition to colors, keep in mind cabinets’ wood grain and hardware when tying your kitchen or bathroom cabinets into your tiling. Matching cabinet knobs or wood grain to tiling can be a subtle way to tie the room together.

Also, think about if you want floor tile to match your backsplash, shower, or any other tiling in the room. You can choose to match these tiles or use contrasting tiles to add dimension.

Let Your Matching Tiles and Cabinets Shine

Matching tile to cabinets is a simple way to enhance the style and design of your kitchen or bathroom. For more design inspiration or to work with talented designers to bring your dream home to life, contact Special Additions today!