Cabinet Colors That Can Transform Your Space

Cabinet Colors That Can Transform Your Space

Cabinet Colors That Can Transform Your Space Special Additions

How Changing Cabinet Colors Can Revamp Your Whole Kitchen

If you’re looking to freshen up your kitchen’s aesthetic, one easy way to transform your space is by changing your cabinet colors. Since cabinets are a key focal point in a kitchen, replacing and updating them with more colorful materials and styles can revamp your entire room.

When you’re ready to shop for new cabinets to revamp your kitchen’s style, explore these color ideas for creative inspiration!


Blue is a classic kitchen accent color. The right shade of blue will contribute a relaxed, calm feel to your kitchen and can even coordinate with porcelain and fine china. From nautical and beachy to colonial and classic, there are many shades of blue to consider for your updated cabinet color palette. Here are a few on-trend options:

  • Slate blue is a popular shade that goes well with other blue, grey, and purple hues. This color is an excellent choice for modern kitchens with neutral countertops and tiles.
  • Dark nautical tones such as navy, indigo, and deep purples coordinate wonderfully with greys, whites, and other neutrals. A dark cabinet to accent an otherwise neutral or light kitchen is a great way to add a pop of color and potentially change the entire feel of the room.


Green is an excellent cabinet color choice for a fresh and earthy feel in your kitchen. Explore this color inspiration for vibrantly verdant kitchen cabinets:

  • Light, natural moss green is like a green juice for your eyes. This shade is airy and clean and coordinates nicely with other green, yellow, and gold shades.
  • Dark grey-green contrasts beautifully with white marble and other light-colored kitchen features. Unique and sophisticated, a grey-green pairs well with neutrals and golds.
  • Chartreuse is simultaneously calming and invigorating. A fun and exciting kitchen cabinet color, chartreuse looks great with yellows, complements other shades of green, and makes bright whites pop!


Of course, you don’t have to opt for a wild cabinet color to transform your space. Neutrals are timeless and easy to match with other pieces in the room. Below are some stylish neutral cabinet options:

  • There are so many shades of grey, each with different undertones to match and play off of. Greys will match almost all other appliances and decor and are sleek, clean, and classic.
  • Pure white is another trendy style choice for kitchen cabinets. Clean and contemporary, you can choose a monochrome white style or add accents and color pops throughout the room.
  • Matte black cabinets are a great way to reap the benefits of a sleek, timeless shade without exposing flaws the way glossy black tends to do. Ever mysterious and alluring, matte black is a sophisticated and bold choice for cabinet colors.

Explore More Cabinet Colors and Options at Special Additions

Playing with your cabinets’ colors can make your space feel fresher and more personalized. Plus, when it comes to changing up your cabinet colors, there are endless possibilities—visit our portfolio to see what we mean. When you’re ready to choose the most impactful new cabinets for your kitchen revamp, contact the expert designers at Special Additions!