Tips for Concealing Your Outlets and Switches

Tips for Concealing Your Outlets and Switches

Tips for Concealing Your Outlets and Switches Special Additions

Organize Your Home by Concealing Your Outlets and Switches

Outlets and switches are both a necessity and a convenience, but unsightly options can disrupt an otherwise gorgeously designed room. With a little planning, an attention to detail, and the right tools, you can thoughtfully and stylishly incorporate them into your home’s design.

Here are some tips for camouflaging and concealing outlets and switches in your home.

Consider Placement and Design

First things first, the placement of your outlets and switches can either help or hurt both their convenience and the room’s design. Of course, style is important, but don’t get so caught-up in outlets and switches’ design that you neglect their convenience. Make sure outlets are accessible, and keep in mind where cords will be when the outlets are in use.

If an outlet is high up on a backsplash or wall, the outlet itself may be hidden from sight, but as soon as it is used, you could have unsightly wires and cords dangling down the wall. On a backsplash, a lower outlet may be a better option so that cords lay closer to the counter; on a wall, a lower outlet will allow cords to be safely and discreetly concealed along the ground. Placing outlets lower on a tiled backslash or wall can also help to prevent interference with the tile’s design and flow.

Also consider grouping outlets and switches together for added convenience and to limit disruption in aesthetics. Organizing your outlets and switches with utility in mind will greatly contribute to your home’s comfort and accessibility.

Coordinate Outlets and Switches With Their Surroundings

In places where it doesn’t make sense to hide your outlets and switches, you can simply coordinate them with their surroundings! Select plate covers that match or complement your wall, cabinetry, or tiling, or paint and wallpaper the plate covers to seamlessly blend in. Mirrored plate covers can allow outlets and switches to disappear into a bathroom mirror, while adding the convenience of a place to plug in bathroom appliances and tools. Work outlets and switches into the wall’s design – turn them horizontally to flow with your tile pattern, or make them the same size as tiles. If you can’t conceal your plate cover or make it blend in, then make it stylish! A contrasting or complementary plate cover can make your outlets and switches an intentional design instead of a necessary evil.

Of course, if there isn’t a way to work an outlet or switch into a design, there are some tricks to hide them away. You can place them under cabinets to keep them hidden while still accessible to use for kitchen or bathroom appliances. You can also add a small, hinged door to conceal your outlets and switches, and to add an element of safety to homes with small children.

Let Us Help You Create Your Ideal Design

Outlets and switches are necessary for making your home comfortable and convenient, but they can also be unsightly and disruptive. With careful and thoughtful planning, however, they can add to your home’s design and functionality! For more inspiration on how to conceal your outlets and switches or for help bringing your interior design dreams to life, contact Special Additions today!