Rustic Kitchen Design Trends

Rustic Kitchen Design Trends

Rustic Kitchen Design Trends Special Additions

Experiment with These Rustic Kitchen Design Trends

With design trends constantly in flux, designing a kitchen that is stylish, efficient, and timeless can seem like a huge undertaking. One popular style that naturally lends itself to utility and comfort is a rustic kitchen design. By incorporating a few rustic elements into your kitchen design, you can transform your space without sacrificing efficiency and with minimal risk of your design quickly becoming outdated. Here are a few rustic kitchen design trends to experiment with in your kitchen!

Incorporate Wooden Elements

One of the most characteristic elements of rustic design is the use of wood in varying tones and grains. A fun way to add some warmth and texture to your kitchen is by incorporating wood into its design. Genuine wooden quality cabinetry, a repurposed barn door, shelving, or even a wood-covered range hood and light fixtures are all great ways to integrate wood into your kitchen design. You can choose a natural wood tone, or paint your wooden elements to add a little color to the room! Using a chalk paint is a great way to add color to wooden elements without sacrificing the rustic feel.

Highlight Natural Textures, Materials, and Color Palettes

Another great way to incorporate features which contribute to the cozy country style of a rustic kitchen design, is to use other natural textures and materials such as stone and granite. The neutral tones and natural texture of a granite or stone countertop complement wood accents beautifully and add to the overall feel of being in a relaxing kitchen on a countryside somewhere. In addition to using natural materials for your countertops, consider flagstone floors as well for a chic spin on a trend traditionally reserved for patios.

Consider Fixtures and Storage in Your Design

Oil rubbed bronze fixtures such as faucets and knobs are perfect for a warm, rustic look that still feels refined and sophisticated. A large farmhouse sink is also a great element that will bring that country home feel to any kitchen!

The simplicity of a rustic kitchen design eliminates the need to try and conceal storage. Exposed utility in the form of oil rubbed bronze rods for towels, hooks for storage of pots and pans, and open shelving made from wood or repurposed pallets are all great ways to add storage while reinforcing the rustic design of your kitchen.

Reimagine Your Kitchen with Rustic Design Elements

One of the many great things about a rustic kitchen design is that many of the materials and elements that contribute to the rustic design are also extremely durable, making this style perfect for creating a beautiful kitchen that will stand the test of time, even for the most active chefs! In addition, the simplicity of the rustic design will help keep your kitchen looking stylish and timeless, even as trends continue to change. This simplicity is also what creates an air of comfortable, simple living that is perfect for savoring every moment, from your morning coffee to holiday meals with friends and family.

For more inspiration on ways you incorporate stylish rustic elements to your kitchen, or for expert assistance in bringing your farmhouse kitchen dreams to life, contact Special Additions! Our design staff will work with you step-by-step to make your dream home a reality.