Family Friendly Kitchen Designs

Family Friendly Kitchen Designs

Family Friendly Kitchen Designs Special Additions

Tips for Designing a Family Friendly Kitchen

A home’s kitchen is one of its most-frequented rooms, often used by the entire family. From prep to clean-up, having a kitchen that is comfortable, convenient, and safe for the entire family is crucial to cultivating a warm and inviting space. Here are some design tips for creating the perfect family friendly kitchen for your home.

Install a Kitchen Island

If space allows, consider a large island for your family friendly kitchen! Having an island that is broad enough to allow for dinner to be made while homework, crafts, or warm conversation can take place simultaneously makes it perfect for spending time together.

Counter-height seating at the island is a great way to contribute utility and comfort to the island. When picking out stools for your family friendly kitchen, make sure your selections are safe and climbable for everyone in the family, and consider stools with backs for added safety and comfort.

Add Extra Seating

An eat-in kitchen or adjacent breakfast nook will add even more seating to the room. Banquette seating at a breakfast table will allow friends and family to comfortably lounge in the kitchen space, and can accommodate more people than chairs alone.

Incorporate Accessible Features

Besides having ample seating for the whole family, consider incorporating features that make the kitchen usable for kids and adults alike. If you have little helpers when prepping meals or baking goodies, a durable countertop material, such as quartz or granite, may be your best bet for ensuring a long life for your countertops, leading to even more memories made!

A stylish step stool, either a collapsible one that will fit tidily beside the fridge, or a wooden stool that will look charming as kitchen decor, can be a great addition to your family’s kitchen. Having a step stool incorporated into your kitchen design will provide ease of hand-washing and helping for family members of all sizes.

In terms of appliances, pick a refrigerator that has the bells and whistles you need to make sure your entire family can access snacks and fridge features, such as an ice maker and water dispenser. Also consider how accessible your cabinets are, and arrange their contents based on who will be accessing them the most. Put kid-friendly dishware and snacks in lower cabinets or shelves so that the little ones can safely access what they need.

Consider Fun Colors and Entertainment Options

When adding stylish touches to your family friendly kitchen, pops of color and pattern can add a fun, warm feel to even the sleekest of kitchens.

Additionally, if your kitchen or breakfast nook is open to the living room, a TV that can be seen from the kitchen or seating area can be great for keeping the kids entertained while preparing a more-involved dish. It’ll add an even more special ambiance with a holiday movie or music station!

Create Your Perfect Family Friendly Kitchen With Us

The kitchen is the soul of a home, and with the right designs and touches, it can be the perfect room for the whole family! To work with a team of professional and skilled designers that can bring those special touches to your family’s kitchen, contact Special Additions!