Comfortable and Contemporary: The Modern Family Kitchen

Comfortable and Contemporary: The Modern Family Kitchen

Comfortable and Contemporary: The Modern Family Kitchen Special Additions

A modern family kitchen is characterized by a number of different elements that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Though no two modern family kitchens are exactly the same, they share some common themes. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at the most important elements of contemporary family kitchens.

A Modern Family Kitchen to Suit Every Home

Modern Family Kitchens are Communal Spaces

If your kitchen is like most others, it is a dedicated space for your family to congregate, socialize, indulge in food and enjoy one another’s company. Much of this activity is centered around the kitchen island. The island serves as a focal point where family members gather to eat, talk, and enjoy their time together. Even when the family is not gathered in the kitchen, the island can still be used for food preparation, storage and other purposes. Some islands feature a bench or stools for family members to sit on while eating and socializing.

The Right Technology and Hardware

Modern family kitchens are highlighted by technology. As technology progresses, more and more kitchens have smart, energy-efficient appliances. High-tech kitchen appliances serve myriad functions, yet they also have sleek forms that prove pleasing to the eye.

Ideally, this hardware will be properly integrated with strategic lighting components for optimal visual impact. Furthermore, the hardware should run flush with each connecting surface. Some modern family kitchens even feature hardware designed to accentuate cabinets’ horizontal lines, extending across the length of the doors and drawers.

Simple Kitchen Cabinetry

There is no need to install uber-expensive, fancy cabinetry in your kitchen unless you want to! Simple cabinets are perfect for modern family kitchens. A simple cabinet improves the room’s aesthetic while providing essential functionality. So, don’t feel like you must opt for ornate cabinets highlighted by extensive detailing. A stylish and simple cabinet design that is uncluttered and minimalist will prove sufficient. Tip: If you are partial to the streamlined aesthetic, opt for handle-less cabinets.

Mind the Lighting

Kitchen lighting has the potential to make or break this important room in the home. Consider adding pendant lighting over the benchtop to bring out the best in your modern family kitchen. If you favor more of an edgy aesthetic, you can implement industrial-style illumination.

Alternatively, a modern family kitchen with plain-colored walls and ceilings can benefit from colorful lighting. In fact, there are even some pendant lights on the market with especially large sizes and geometric shapes to provide a truly modern family kitchen aesthetic.

Natural Materials, Minimalism and a Lack of Ornamentation

Minimalism with little-to-no ornamentation is central to modern kitchen design. Truly modern family kitchens often employ minimal mix-and-match colors, textures, and ornamentation (though this isn’t always the case). Today’s kitchens have clean and sleek looks with carefully planned elements. If color is implemented, it should be added in a strategic and subtle manner. In short, less is often more in modern family kitchens.

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