When It’s Time to Remove a Bathtub

When It’s Time to Remove a Bathtub

When It’s Time to Remove a Bathtub Special Additions

Are you concerned that your tub may need to be replaced? If so, here are some signs that you should remove a bathtub from your bathroom, as well as some tips for adding a shower.

How to Remove a Bathtub to Add a Shower

Signs It’s Time to Remove a Bathtub

  • Leaks/Cracks: Small leaks and cracks are a major sign that it’s time to replace your tub. Pooling water that travels through the cracks may leave puddles on your bathroom floor and lead to significant structural damage.
  • Mold: Minor cases of mold are easily treatable, but with excess water from cracks and leaks in your tub, insidious mold can grow in multiple parts of your bathtub. Once your tub has been exposed to extensive amounts of mold, its finish will become eroded, and replacement will be necessary.
  • Stains: Although stains do not affect the functionality of your bathtub per se, they can be unattractive and give the appearance that your tub is dirty. Even with regular cleaning, older stains will be tough to remove and may signify that it’s time for a replacement.

[H2] Looking to Add a Shower? 

Before planning your dream shower in a space where you’re replacing the tub, you must ensure that your bathroom is compatible with whichever type of shower remodel you desire. When planning your dream shower, consider that there should be:

  • A finished ceiling height of at least 80 inches
  • At least 15 inches between the side of your toilet and the shower wall
  • At least 21 inches between the front of your toilet and the wall
  • Enough room to allow for shower door mobility. (Lacking space? Stylish shower curtains or sliding doors are an easy fix!)

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