Organize Your Pantry Like Marie Kondo

Organize Your Pantry Like Marie Kondo

Organize Your Pantry Like Marie Kondo Special Additions

If your pantry is like most others, it’s probably disorganized to the point that it is difficult to find exactly what you are looking for in a reasonable amount of time. There is no sense sorting through your pantry items each time you need an ingredient or snack. Instead, take inspiration from the Marie Kondo pantry organization strategy as detailed below!

Marie Kondo-Inspired Pantry Tips

About Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo enjoys international fame for her unique organization techniques. Often referred to as the “KonMari phenomenon”, this approach to tidying up is centered on organizing according to category as opposed to location. The KonMari approach also emphasizes the merit of minimalism.

When an area must be organized, Marie Kondo removes all the items for analysis, leaving the space barren for the time being. The next step is an in-depth analysis of the items, selecting only those that provide true utility and joy. These items remain in the space that is being organized while other “joy-less” and useless items are removed. These less useful and joyful items are stored in another area, donated, or trashed.

Applying the KonMari Method to Pantries

The KonMari method will straighten out your disorganized pantry in surprisingly little time! Simply take the contents out of your pantry for review. Separate the pantry items that provide genuine joy and/or utility. Consider whether you actually use the items in question. If you do not use, need, or desire a particular item from your pantry, remove it for good.

The next step is to group your pantry items into categories. If possible, transfer items that have the potential to go stale into airtight containers. Invest the little bit of time necessary to clean off the pantry shelves while everything is removed.

Recognize the Merits of Marie Kondo Pantry Minimalism

Though Kondo does not specifically touch on food organization in her writings, her overarching approach to organization is certainly applicable to kitchen cabinets and pantries. In short, items that do not “spark joy”, (a term often used in Kondo’s unique lexicon) are those that are rarely used, stale, or expired. There is no point keeping these items in your pantry when you are unlikely to use them.

Once all the old, stale, expired and useless items have been removed from your pantry, you’ll surely feel a sense of relief. More importantly, you’ll be able to find pantry items with ease, ensuring that you can prepare meals and grab snacks without having to sort through seemingly countless items.

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