The Most Popular Bathroom Lighting Trends

The Most Popular Bathroom Lighting Trends

The Most Popular Bathroom Lighting Trends Special Additions

Without a doubt, lighting is an essential design aspect of your bathroom. Not only does it improve your overall quality of light–it also enhances and transforms your space’s aesthetic.

If you feel like a refreshing redesign is in order, we can help you get inspired. Here are some of the most popular bathroom lighting trends we’ve seen so far this year.

2020’s Most Popular Bathroom Lighting (So Far)

  •       Backlit and Frontlit Mirrors: Mirrors play a critical role in your bathroom’s design style. A backlit or frontlit mirror will not only create more room in your bathroom by eliminating the need for other light fixtures, but it will also help open your space and make it appear larger. Both mirrors allow for a uniquely luxurious lighting experience that illuminates your face as you’re getting ready for the day.
  •       Vanity Lighting: Excellent lighting is essential for the vanity area of your bathroom. Instead of installing one large light fixture above the mirror, installing two wall-mounted fixtures will create balanced lighting that eliminates unwanted shadows in your bathroom.
  •       Accent Lighting: if you have unique features in your bathroom, such as artwork, plants, or other decor, accent lighting can highlight these design aspects and make them stand out in the space.
  •       Decorative Lighting: If you feel like your bathroom design might be too bland, using decorative light fixtures will add interest to your space. Hanging eye-catching chandeliers to your bathroom will act as a centerpiece and create an ethereal, elegant glow.
  •       Layered Lighting: Utilizing multiple sources of light in your bathroom can create an enhanced design experience for your bathroom. This includes the use of vanity lighting, accent lighting, as well as decorative lighting to meet all of your lighting needs.

We may be well into 2020 already, but this year’s most popular bathroom lighting trends certainly have tremendous staying power. If you’re looking to create a gorgeous and timeless space in your home, trust Special Additions. We’re here to help–no matter the scale of your project. Contact us to get started today!