Get Creative with These Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Get Creative with These Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Get Creative with These Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Special Additions

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Perfect for Any Style Preference

Are you looking for a way to really make a splash in your kitchen? Consider installing a new backsplash. Backsplashes are an opportunity to let your creativity shine through, especially if you eschew plain white tile. Here are seven great kitchen backsplash ideas that will transform your space, even if you do nothing else to your décor.

Embrace Brick

Brick is a timeless material that will give your kitchen a homey, vintage feel. The rich color tones of brick work especially well with cream-colored cabinetry and dark wood trim. If installing brick seems like a big project, just remember that it’s easy to get the look of brick by using authentic brick face panels that are widely available.

Use Magnetic Magic

One of the more popular options in home décor these days is magnetic chalkboard paint. Use it to paint your backsplash and transform it into a magnetic surface to hang cooking utensils, store spice jars, or keep other items within reach while cooking. You can also write fun messages using a standard piece of chalk. If you prefer not to have the vintage schoolroom chalkboard look, then you’ll be happy to learn that magnetic chalkboard paint comes in a wide range of colors.

Make Your Own Mosaic

This is the perfect kitchen backsplash idea if you love to visit secondhand stores, estate sales, and garage sales. Look for chipped or otherwise slightly damaged pieces of China, which tend to be pretty inexpensive. Carefully break up the pieces and use them to create your own backsplash. You’ll have mismatched colors, sizes, and textures, but somehow it all works. Plus, you know that no one will have the exact same backsplash as you.

Get Crafty with Cork

Many of us have a drawer or container full of old wine corks just waiting to be put to use. Slicing them up and using them as a kitchen backsplash adds warmth and texture to your kitchen. Don’t want to use cork behind the stove? Then it might be perfect for your kitchen’s bar area.

Turn to Tin

A tin backsplash has a classic, timeless look but adds just enough shine for a modern feel. Tin tiles come in different finishes, too, so if you really want to go modern with this material, try molded plastic panels, which allow you to paint the surface any color.

Go Grey

Grey kitchens are very popular right now. Using grey backsplash tile with contrasting white grout will give your kitchen a more traditional look. If you want a more modern look, opt for a tile with a matte finish and an extra narrow shape.

Make it Marvelous with Marble

If you have an all-white kitchen, then choosing a backsplash tile with warm shades of grey marbling is a subtle design element that breaks up the constant white, but doesn’t grab too much attention. Matching the marble pattern of your backsplash with the countertops is a classic kitchen backsplash idea that never goes out of style.

A backsplash can add a touch of artistry to practically any kitchen, no matter how big or small. Use any of these kitchen backsplash ideas to really make a statement in your home.

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