Summer Color Palettes to Brighten Your Home

Summer Color Palettes to Brighten Your Home

Summer Color Palettes to Brighten Your Home Special Additions

Consider These Summer Color Palettes When Decorating Your Home

Summer is all about relaxation, sunshine, and enjoying the season. So if you’re changing up your home’s décor this summer, then remember to keep things casual, effortless, and most of all, colorful. There are all kinds of summer color palettes that are perfect for decorating your beach house or making your home at least feel like a beach house. Here are five of our favorite.

Seaside Shades

Use the beach as inspiration for your home’s summer color palette. The simple hues of seaside colors will add a laid-back charm your interior space. Play with blues, whites, pale pinks, seafoam greens, and turquoise. Mixing these colors in with a sandy beige works particularly well when creating your beachy theme. Keep this color scheme in mind during any kitchen remodel. The soft colors will match beautifully with white or muted countertops.

Tropical Tints

Whereas a seaside motif is muted and soft, tropical colors are rich and deep. Think jewel-tone greens, attention-grabbing yellows, and fiery reds found in tropical plants, flowers, and birds. These colors are strong and make a sophisticated statement – even if you use these them sparingly throughout your home. This loud color scheme perfectly suits small areas, like bathrooms. Bring a vibrant pop of customized colored cabinetry to your powder room.

Brown Textures

Brown might not be the first color that comes to mind when you think about summer color palettes. But when you combine warm and rustic brown hues with woven textures, you’ve got a classic summer look. Bring this color palette into your home with wicker rocking chairs on the porch, rattan chairs in your sunroom, or a bamboo ottoman in the den. Classic wooden cabinetry is always a go-to. If you’re opting for a summery vibe, pale wood is the perfect solution.

Berry Delicious

Is there anything that says summer more than fresh berries? If you love berries then use them for color inspiration. An inviting summer color palette of reds, purples, and other produce-inspired hues will easily reflect the delicious side of the season.

Lemonade Shades

Any discussion of summer would hardly be complete without the iconic summertime beverage: lemonade. There’s just nothing more refreshing than relaxing on the porch or deck with a tall glass of lemonade. Decorating with rich shades of yellow and white, with just a hint of minty green, will give your home the same cool, refreshing feel of the perfect glass of lemonade.

When it comes to decorating your home for the summer season, the main idea is to have fun. Start by finding your perfect summer color palette and let your imagination take over.

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