The Best Way to Mix Wood and Metal Design Pieces

The Best Way to Mix Wood and Metal Design Pieces

The Best Way to Mix Wood and Metal Design Pieces Special Additions

4 Ways to Include Both Wood and Metal in Your Space

Wood and metal are two materials that can often blend together beautifully. The coolness of metal combines with the warmth of wood to create an attractive and cohesive look in any room in the house. Here are four styles you can create in your home by combining wood and metal.


If you want to emulate the design aesthetic of traditional cultures from Spain, France, Italy, or Mexico, then mixing wood and metal is key. In the kitchen, consider installing cabinets other storage pieces made with distressed pine or oak. Then add iron latches, hinges, handles, and knobs to achieve true rustic charm. Or, you can install a thin metal grate to the front of your cabinet doors instead of wood or glass for French farmhouse appeal.

In the bedroom, try mixing a wrought iron bed frame with a rustic pine armoire, pine dresser, and pine nightstands. The rustic wood and wrought iron furnishings will provide contrast but still complement each other as both often have interesting detailed carvings, cut-out designs, and rough, textured finishes.


If you prefer a more modern look, then look for furniture pieces that combine ultra-refined metal surfaces with a bit of shine and wood finished with glossy stains and lacquers. The mixture of wood and metal furniture in modern furniture works because of the similarities in form and finish. Modern furniture designers often fuse wood and metal materials together for chic designer pieces. For example, you’ll often see end tables, coffee tables, and dining tables with metal tops and wooden legs. The beauty of a metal tabletop is that it’s heat-resistant and a breeze to clean after a dinner party, making it practical and gorgeous at the same time.


The mix of distressed wood and aged metal adds texture and character to your space. Both aged wood and aged metal develop beautiful patinas over time, a look that has become highly sought after because of its versatility. The combination is just right for an industrial, modern urban loft. However, the right combination can also be used in a primitive seaside cottage, where reclaimed gray wood paneling and flooring settles in with sun-bleached driftwood and aged brass fixtures and décor.


If you’re feeling bold, then you can mix furniture styles and finishes for quirky or eclectic styles. The look may not be as easy to pull off as some others, but when it’s done the right way, results are amazing. For example, you can put a fun twist on wood furniture by painting it with shiny, metallic paint to create an accent piece or focal point. Pair a round, pub-style wood table with metal barstools. Look for antique treasures such as old end tables or chairs to mix with modern furnishings. Consider a mixture of both wood and metal chairs around the dining room table. To make it work, find some type of unifying element, such as shape, color, or finish, that ties the furnishings together with a cohesive look.

No matter what style you prefer – rustic, modern, distressed, or eclectic – you can achieve the look you want by combining wood and metal.

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