Smart Spice Storage Techniques

Smart Spice Storage Techniques

Smart Spice Storage Techniques Special Additions

Keep Cooking Easy With These Spice Storage Designs

We’re all familiar with the struggle of trying to find the exact spice or herb we need among dozens of bottles of disorganized spices. Whether you use a few key spices every day or you’re an adventurous cook who keeps an endless spice stash on hand, these six spice storage ideas will help you get organized and stay that way.

Test this Out

This idea is especially cool if you like to use just a few key spices. Simply pour about 10 of your favorite spices into empty test tubes, which you can get at any craft store. Pick up a cheap wooden box and small cork stoppers as well. Once you have the test tubes filled, put the stoppers in, and gather the test tubes in the box. Now your favorite spices are organized and easily accessible. This also makes a unique and inexpensive gift for any cooks in your life.

Make it Magnetic

Put that awkward space on the side of your refrigerator to good use with a do-it-yourself magnetic spice rack. First, buy a few small jars and glue a magnet to each of the jar lids. Fill the jars with your spices and then screw on the lids. Add a label with the name of the spice it contains to the bottom of each jar. Now the jars are ready to be stuck to your fridge. They’ll be out of the way, but easy to access when you’re busy cooking.

Put Wasted Space to Work

Speaking of awkward refrigerator space, most of us have wasted space between the wall and the refrigerator. You can add a simple rolling spice drawer to that space. You’ll have your spices when you need them, and they can be easily hidden from view when you don’t. It’s a good alternative if you just can’t spare any extra drawer or cabinet space or your spice collection is too large for a countertop solution.

Try the Tic Tac Trick

Empty Tic Tac containers are also perfect spice containers, especially for small kitchens. They can be lined up neatly and inconspicuously on any shelf or in any drawer. This idea also makes it easy for you to take spices with you when on vacation, at a picnic, or cooking dinner at a friend’s house.

Discover a Drawer

Most of us probably stuff spices into a cabinet or onto a crowded spice rack, but using drawer space can be a far more efficient form of spice storage. However, you don’t want to just toss a bunch of containers into the drawer. Instead, insert cheap tension rods horizontally across the drawer. Then you can lean the spices back against the rods label side up for easy access.

Spice up Your Décor

One of the best things about spices (in addition to their flavor) is that they are colorful, which you can use to your advantage. Start by installing a shelf in your kitchen just for spice storage. Then pour your spices into clear glass jars and display them on the shelf. This simple solution will help you easily spice up your meals and your kitchen décor.

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