What is the Best Kitchen Backsplash Tile for You?

What is the Best Kitchen Backsplash Tile for You?

What is the Best Kitchen Backsplash Tile for You? Special Additions

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Styles to Try

Kitchen backsplash tiles offer you an opportunity to express yourself with gorgeous designs. A key focal point in your kitchen, your backsplash is a personality piece that allows you to spruce up your space’s aesthetic. For a relatively small area, it packs a huge punch!

Keep reading to learn our top tips for choosing the perfect kitchen backsplash tiles and designs.

Tips for Choosing Backsplash Colors & Materials

With so many types of kitchen backsplash tiles on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. We recommend bringing home color and tile samples so you can see what they look like in your kitchen. You can even tape them to your walls to observe them as the light changes throughout the day.

Below are just a few of our favorite styles for you to try in your home.

Classic Subway Tile

When you think “kitchen backsplash tiles,” chances are that subway tiles are the first style that comes to mind. This rectangular pattern is a classic for its crisp look, which makes any space feel elegant and casual at the same time. Experiment with different colored tiles or even contrasting grout for more visual intrigue.


Chevron or herringbone kitchen backsplash tiles feature an iconic zig-zag motif that complements any kitchen. For these patterns, opt for subtle color palettes, such as neutrals, that allow the design to shine. White and gray marble stripes are a fabulous choice.

Modern Materials

Kitchen backsplash tiles made from materials such as reflective glass or stainless steel offer a sleek and modern look. Whether you opt for recycled glass tiles or a single sheet of glass that’s painted on the back, this kitchen backsplash style provides a stunning translucent glow. Stainless steel, on the other hand, offers a clean, contemporary look that reflects a room’s natural light.

Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Colorful kitchen backsplash tiles will make a statement in a room otherwise dressed in neutral hues or natural materials. Opt for unique tile shapes, such as a hexagon backsplash, for even more personality. You can also install open shelving to let more of the design show through.


Marble is a popular kitchen backsplash tile material that’s highly sought after for its distinct appearance. It’s extremely durable and heat resistant, making it a solid option for homeowners desiring a tasteful material that lasts. Whether you choose marble tiles or a marble block, your home’s style will be elevated to new levels.

Explore More Kitchen Backsplash Tile Styles

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