Use Your Bathroom Storage Cabinets in a Smarter Way

Use Your Bathroom Storage Cabinets in a Smarter Way

Use Your Bathroom Storage Cabinets in a Smarter Way Special Additions

How to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Cabinet Space

If you’re in love with your bathroom’s style but feel like its current storage space leaves much to be desired, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are so many ways to maximize storage space in your bathroom without the need to tear down walls and expand! One way to do so is to explore various bathroom storage cabinet options.

From luxurious furniture pieces to practical hacks, we’ve compiled our favorite ways to make your bathroom more functional. Keep reading to discover our favorite creative bathroom storage ideas!

Dresser Style Vanity

A dresser style vanity is a glamorous bathroom storage cabinet idea for any-sized bathroom. Like a bedroom dresser, a vanity provides plenty of cabinet space with multiple drawers.

While many vanities boast closed doors, some have open shelves for easy access. In addition, you can also store towels under the sink to free up space in your linen closet or use the open shelves to display bath salts and aromatic candles.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet Over the Toilet

Over-the-toilet cabinetry is a great option for smaller bathrooms in need of more storage. With this bathroom storage cabinet style, you’ll gain sleek functionality without needing to sacrifice space. These storage savers can be installed directly onto the wall or incorporated with freestanding cabinets.

For an eye-catching effect, try adding a storage cabinet that contrasts with the other cabinets for a unique accent piece, or match them for a more traditional look.

Built-in Shelving

Built-in shelving, such as custom built-in cabinetry with vertical shelving, offers a minimalist and functional way to stow away items. These are a great bathroom cabinet storage option for those with the budget to invest in a larger project. You can fill each cubby-like space with decorative baskets to stash personal items out of sight or display artistic pieces for a unique touch.

Discover More Bathroom Storage Cabinet Options

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