Warm Spring Colors for Your Bathroom

Warm Spring Colors for Your Bathroom

Warm Spring Colors for Your Bathroom Special Additions

Rejuvenate Your Bathroom With These Warm Spring Colors

Spring is just around the corner, and as the winter thaws out and the flowers bloom, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring new life to your bathroom! Even without a full bathroom remodel, you can rejuvenate your bathroom by incorporating warm spring colors into the space.

Warm spring colors are warm, light, and bright colors—think warm sunshine and bright blooms! Some gorgeous examples of warm spring colors are ivory, golden sand, light and bright yellows, fresh greens like sage and true green, peach, coral, oranges, and orange-toned reds. Keep reading to learn how to add these to your home’s color palette.

How to Incorporate Warm Spring Colors into Your Bathroom

There is no wrong way to add warm spring colors to your bathroom. For a major refresh, paint your bathroom walls in a warm spring tone. This simple pop of color will transform the entire room. If you aren’t ready to paint the entire room, an accent wall in a warm, spring patterned wallpaper can pack the punch you’re looking for! You can even use removable wallpaper for a low commitment, high-impact accent wall that can change throughout the year or whenever the mood strikes.

Replace vanity cabinets with a bright, warm tone for a complete bathroom facelift. Or update cabinet hardware, faucets, showerheads, and knobs with warm gold tones. Add lighting or replace light fixtures to brighten the room for the new season.

If you’re looking for a lower commitment way to revamp the room, choose accents in warm spring tones. Warm wood grains, as well as rattan and wicker pieces, make perfect light, warm accents. Change up your art and decor to allow the space to evolve with the seasons. Incorporate live plants or cut flowers for life and freshness. You can choose tulips or peonies for cut flowers, or snake plants and pothos for live plants that will thrive even in low-light bathrooms.

Warm Spring Colors and Spring Cleaning

Adding warm spring colors to your bathroom can coincide perfectly with spring cleaning. You can use this refresh to aid in cleaning the space for the new season.

To begin, replace your shower curtain, opting for warm spring colors, fresh patterns, and sweet florals. Then update shelving and storage to aid in organizing and cleaning. Finding storage and shelving in warm spring colors adds life and color to the space, all while decluttering. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to replace bathroom linens. Warm whites and ivories are an excellent choice for spring linens. Replace bath mats as a part of spring cleaning, and use the opportunity to find a mat in a springy tone.

Next, replace canisters, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and toilet paper holders with warm golds, warm light bright colors, and natural materials for a fresh springiness and as a perfect component of your spring cleaning routine.

Refresh Your Home this Spring with Special Additions

Bright colors for spring will rejuvenate your home’s style with ease. For more ideas on how to bring a fresh breath of air into your bathroom with warm spring colors, contact the expert designers at Special Additions today!