Design Tips for Installing a Spice Cabinet Pullout

Design Tips for Installing a Spice Cabinet Pullout

Design Tips for Installing a Spice Cabinet Pullout Special Additions

How to Easily Install a Spice Cabinet Pullout

A spice cabinet pullout just might be the organization secret weapon that your kitchen needs! Pullout cabinet spice racks are great for saving both counter and cabinet space. They can also make cooking and baking in your kitchen a breeze by keeping all your spices orderly and in one place. Knowing where all your culinary essentials are located can save you money in the long run, as you are less likely to overlook a spice until it’s gone bad or prematurely buy a replacement when you can’t locate the ingredient you’re searching for.

Even if you aren’t an avid chef, a pullout spice cabinet can be incredibly useful for storage of other kitchen essentials!

Once you’ve decided that a spice pullout cabinet is the space-saving trick you need, it’s time to decide where to install your spice cabinet.

Decide Where You Need a Spice Cabinet Pullout

Before having your cabinet installed, it’s important to think through where a pullout spice cabinet would be most useful in your kitchen. Will your spice rack be installed on the inside of an existing cabinet door, in your pantry, on the inside of your pantry door, or will it be its own cabinet?

Wherever you decide to install your spice cabinet, make sure there is enough room to pull it open and that it is in a logical position that is conducive to your individual kitchen layout and routine. A pullout spice cabinet in your kitchen island is great if that’s where you do most of your prepping, or next to the stove if you have a more improvisational cooking style. You may even choose to install a cabinet next to your refrigerator to utilize negative space around the appliance.

Pullout Cabinet Spice Rack Design Options

Your spice cabinet can be horizontal or vertical depending on where and how you need to save space. While the door and pull should match the rest of your kitchen cabinets, you can decide whether you want the racks on the inside to be metal or wood and what finish you prefer. You will also need to determine how many shelves you want in your spice cabinet. Ensure you have enough space for all your spices and kitchen essentials. Before having your pullout spice cabinet professionally installed, make sure you’ve planned where you can sacrifice some traditional cabinet space to make room for your pullout spice rack.

Add a Pullout Spice Cabinet to Your Kitchen Today

A pullout cabinet spice rack is a wonderful way to incorporate organization into your kitchen. Blend this space-saving cabinet into your existing kitchen cabinets for seamless storage.

To add a pullout spice cabinet to your kitchen, work with the expert designers at Special Additions. We’ll help you plan your perfect pullout spice cabinet and professionally install it. Contact us today!