Corner Lazy Susans (Storage Benefits & Beyond)

Corner Lazy Susans (Storage Benefits & Beyond)

Corner Lazy Susans (Storage Benefits & Beyond) Special Additions

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Corner Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans have been a table and counter classic for ages—allowing you to store kitchen needs on a revolving shelf. Even better, you can have a lazy Susan installed in a corner cabinet for accessible yet concealed storage! A cabinet that swings open to reveal a lazy Susan saves counter space while utilizing awkward corner space that would typically go unused. Corner lazy Susans are perfect for storing and organizing frequently used kitchen essentials such as storage containers and lids, pots and pans, spices, flour and sugar, or small appliances such as stand mixers and their attachments.

Regardless of what you will use your corner lazy Susan for, it is an absolute kitchen must! But what lazy Susan is right for your space?

Deciding on a Lazy Susan

Once you’re sold on the idea of a corner lazy Susan, it’s time to decide what kind is best for your needs. Think about what you need to access the most and what would make sense to store on your lazy Susan. What you will store on your lazy Susan will help determine what placement and shelf configuration is best for your individual kitchen.

Also, think about what type of corner lazy Susan you need as there are also Super Susans! But just what is the difference between a lazy Susan vs. a super Susan? While Lazy Susans’ moving shelves are attached to a pole, Super Susans utilize ball bearings on mounted shelves. This makes super Susans sturdier than lazy Susans, but also slightly more expensive. If you are storing heavy objects such as glassware or small appliances, a super Susan may better fit your needs. If you’ll be using your lazy Susan for smaller, lighter storage, then a traditional pole-mounted lazy Susan will work just fine!

Regardless of which type you choose, your lazy Susan can be multi-tiered for more storage or have just one or two tiers for storage of larger kitchen items. Additionally, the shelves can be wire or wooden depending on your needs and your kitchen’s style.

There are plenty of ways to customize your corner lazy Susan so that it is perfectly tailored to your needs!

How to Incorporate a Lazy Susan into Your Space

Before installation, you will need to decide where your corner lazy Susan will be located. Shall it be installed in a lower cabinet or a mounted cabinet? It’s essential to ask yourself this question. Also, don’t forget to think about your lazy Susan’s cabinet door and how it will affect how other cabinets open and how it will interfere with your personal use of the kitchen. If you have a smaller space, having a cabinet door with hinges in the middle so that it can accordion open is even an option!

Bring Your Lazy Susan Dreams to Life

A corner lazy Susan is the compact storage your kitchen needs! To work with experienced designers to bring your lazy Susan dreams to life, contact Special Additions today!