Garage Cabinets: The Storage Fix You Need

Garage Cabinets: The Storage Fix You Need

Garage Cabinets: The Storage Fix You Need Special Additions

Why Your Space Needs Garage Cabinets

A home’s garage often ends up as its catch-all space for storage. In addition to housing miscellaneous clutter, garages are also the hub for all of your home’s cleaning supplies, lawn care items, recreation equipment, and various tools that are clunky, hard to organize, and even unsightly. It’s easy to overlook the garage when considering revamping your home; however, adding cabinets can transform the space and solve your organizational needs! Installing garage cabinets is also a great way to declutter, hide unattractive necessities, and make your garage a more usable space!

Keep reading to learn our top tips for planning and designing garage storage.

Garage Storage Cabinet Design

There are endless possibilities for installing garage cabinets—so you can make them work for your style and needs. For example, you can choose to have mounted cabinets to free up floor space or add freestanding cabinets so that items are easier to reach. Even a combination of the two could work! Using a mix of freestanding and mounted cabinets is a great way to make the most out of even the tiniest garages.

You could also design your garage storage cabinets to include counter space beneath mounted cabinets for additional workspace or incorporate a fold-down workbench for a smart way to make your garage simultaneously more organized and more usable. You can use this as an opportunity to transform your garage into a workshop for whatever projects your family may be planning!

In addition, garage cabinets can have doors on the front to hide any supplies or tools from sight, or to lock up any potentially dangerous materials or equipment. On the other hand, open cabinets and shelving are a great way to store toys, sporting equipment, or anything else that needs a tidy home while still being easily accessible. You can also add freestanding cabinets with wheels so you can rearrange the space as your needs change.

Color and Aesthetic Choices

When comparing color options and aesthetic choices, you may choose clean white garage cabinets to make the room feel more spacious or opt for stainless or brushed metal for an industrial feel. Of course, this is also a time when you can have some fun with colorful cabinets or cabinet doors painted with chalkboard paint for labeling or doodling. Alternatively, wood grain cabinets can make the space feel warmer and more rustic.

Other Garage Storage Ideas

In addition to cabinets, you can also add pegboards and hooks for tools to decrease clutter while still allowing for easy access. Doing so is also an excellent opportunity to add a bench or cubbies for putting on and removing shoes.

There is no wrong way to add cabinets to your garage, and there is certainly no shortage of ways to arrange cabinets, shelves, and other storage systems so that you can find what works best for your space and your family!

Design and Install Garage Cabinets with Special Additions

Whether you know exactly how you want to up your garage storage game, or if you still need some ideas for the details, Special Additions is here to help! Contact Special Additions to work with experienced designers and make the most out of every last inch of your garage!