How to Style Brass Bathroom Hardware

How to Style Brass Bathroom Hardware

How to Style Brass Bathroom Hardware Special Additions

Tips for Matching Brass Bathroom Hardware & Accessories

Brass bathroom hardware and accessories are an attractive choice that add effortless elegance and sophistication to any room. There are countless possibilities for incorporating brass accessories into your bathroom space, from bathroom faucets and cabinet pulls to stylish wall sconces and mirror frames. Brass hardware and accent pieces can be seamlessly tied into various styles and themes and are a timeless addition to any bathroom. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate brass bathroom hardware and accessories to help inspire your bathroom transformation!

Polished Brass

When paired with ornate fixtures and accessories, polished brass hardware can add an Art Deco-inspired flair to your bathroom. A brass mirror frame with intricate details looks fabulous against deep wall colors or a busy vintage-inspired wallpaper. Polished brass hardware can pop against dark wood or painted cabinets as well. Black and white subway tile, or deep hardwood flooring, paired with brass hardware and accessories, creates a space reminiscent of the opulence of 1920s New York City!

You can also use polished brass hardware, fixtures, and accessories to add flair and elegance to a luxurious, sleek bathroom. White marble, clean lines, and black and white accessories look even more extravagant and fashionable when coupled with a polished brass faucet, cabinet hardware, and other accessories. Your bathroom will feel like a high-end spa with these on-trend, luxury accents!

Aged Brass

Incorporating aged or brushed brass bathroom hardware and accessories is an excellent way to invoke a vintage look and feel in your space. Matte brass fixtures coordinate perfectly with architectural shapes and Mid-century inspired styles and accessories. A brushed brass faucet ties in perfectly with brass light fixtures, modern wall sconces, and cabinet hardware for a warm, on-trend bathroom. Matte brass accessories look perfect against walnut cabinets, creating a beautiful, nostalgic Mid-century modern inspired space!

Additionally, antique brass bathroom hardware looks stunning against dark wood cabinets, such as cherry and mahogany. Antique brass mirror frames also pop against a rustic yellow or deep red wall. Coupled with ornate accessories and warm, bright colors, brass fixtures and accessories create a Tuscan-inspired space that will transport you to sunny Tuscany!

Oiled Brass

If you are aiming for a more rustic, farmhouse-inspired bathroom, incorporating oiled brass hardware and accessories may be the perfect choice for you. Oiled brass pulls on natural wood cabinets, paired with a deep farmhouse sink and quaint countryside-inspired decorations and accessories, create the perfect rustic bathroom. White-tiled walls complete the farmhouse look and create a stunning contrast with oiled brass hardware and accessories!

Create Your Dream Home with Special Additions

Whether you have a clear vision of how to incorporate brass bathroom hardware and accessories into your home perfectly, or if you are still in the early stages of planning your dream bathroom, the professional designers at Special Additions can help bring your visions to life! Contact Special Additions today for assistance in incorporating brass and creating the perfect bathroom space for your home!