Timeless Bathroom Styles for Every Home Bathroom

Timeless Bathroom Styles for Every Home Bathroom

Timeless Bathroom Styles for Every Home Bathroom Special Additions

Tips for Creating a Timeless Bathroom Design

A timeless bathroom design can help ensure that your home remains stylish for years to come. From colors to amenities, each aspect of the bathroom contributes to its value—no matter how small. The trick is knowing how to mix and match every element to create a design that can be called “timeless.”

Here are three simple yet effective tips for creating a timeless bathroom in your home.

Keep it Neutral

When it comes to colors, choosing a neutral palette will ensure that you have a timeless bathroom design throughout the years. For walls and appliances, sticking to colors like gray, white, and black are recommended. Selecting these colors makes it easy to match with décor. In addition, white is especially popular in many bathrooms because of its clean aesthetic.

If you are going to add a splash of color, try using muted tones that might complement the shades mentioned above. For example, you may wish to add color to your bathroom cabinets before moving onto the walls or flooring.

Consider Materials

Keep in mind the type of material you’ll choose for flooring, walls, and cabinets in your bathroom. Many design experts recommend sticking to stone, tile, and wood as these materials age well and do not need consistent repair.

  • Natural stone is one material that has persisted in bathrooms for decades. It’s typically recommended for flooring or accents in the shower.
  • Subway tile is mainly used in showers. Its simple yet classic style is perfect for timeless bathroom designs.
  • Wood is recommended for accents or durable bathroom cabinets.

Other bathroom features —such as towel racks or mirrors—can achieve a modern, timeless look with metallic finishes.

Match Classic Essentials

Highlighting the essentials of your bathroom can help tie in the timeless style you’re aiming for. Things like bathtubs, toilets, and vanities should complement one another in terms of color and shape. By matching the essentials, you’ll have a cohesive style for years to come.

Need an Expert to Design Your Timeless Bathroom?

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