How to Match Wood Flooring to Your Cabinets

How to Match Wood Flooring to Your Cabinets

How to Match Wood Flooring to Your Cabinets Special Additions

The Best Cabinets for Dark & Light Wood Flooring

Matching your wood flooring to your cabinets may seem daunting. There’s always the risk that the colors will clash or be too similar—quickly turning your room into an eyesore. How do you choose a wood type to use, and how can you match your cabinetry to it?

Read on to discover a few tips to help you select the best cabinets to match dark and light wood flooring.

Tip 1: Let the Flooring Control the Aesthetic

By starting with the wood flooring as the base for the room, you open yourself up to more options with your cabinetry. There are only so many types of hardwood flooring to choose from, but an almost infinite variety of different cabinet colors, textures, and materials! Making this one decision early on will make selecting a cabinet easier.

Keep in mind the type of wood you choose for the room’s flooring. While some wood flooring may have a nice color or texture, it may not be dense enough or may be dented too easily. Oak, maple, and cherry are often the best options for durable wood flooring.

Tip 2: Opposites Attract

Consider contrasting the colors of the flooring and cabinets. When one aspect appears lighter and the other is darker, these contrasts will bring individual attention to your cabinet and wood flooring. Pairing opposites also prevents a monotonous style, where both the flooring and cabinets are too similar and add no personality to the room.

Fortunately, there are no set guidelines for matching cabinets to dark or light wood flooring. As long as the colors contrast but do not clash, your design will be attractive.

Tip 3: Consider Reclaimed Wood Flooring

In recent years, many designers have been choosing recycled wood flooring to decorate homes. Not only is using reclaimed wood environmentally friendly, but it also matches with almost any cabinet’s color or texture.

Reclaimed wood is a very versatile flooring that emanates a rustic style. It’s also very durable and strong, considering it outlasted its last home! Finally, this unique type of wood flooring will complement even the most modern of cabinetry.

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