Thinking About Adding Cabinets to Your Mudroom?

Thinking About Adding Cabinets to Your Mudroom?

Thinking About Adding Cabinets to Your Mudroom? Special Additions

Revamp Your Space by Adding Cabinets to Your Mudroom

It can be easy to overlook your mudroom and forget its style potential. However, this is often the first room you see when entering your home, and when thoughtfully planned, it can be just as fashionable as it is functional. Keep reading to discover how adding cabinets to your mudroom can be the perfect way to add both flair and utility!

Functional Considerations for Mudroom Cabinets

Adding cabinets to your mudroom is the best way to add storage. Since every mudroom is different and often relatively small, it’s crucial to find the cabinets and configuration that work best for your space and your family’s needs. Think about who uses the mudroom, how often, and for what purpose to decide what kind of cabinets you need.

If the mudroom is located near the main entrance to the house, space for storing shoes may be beneficial. Depending on how accessible you want shoe holders to be, you can choose open cubbies for quick access or cabinets with doors to keep shoes from collecting dust while not in use. It can also be helpful to add a bench above cabinets so that guests and family members can sit to remove or put on shoes.

If the mudroom is off an entrance to your home, you may also consider incorporating hooks and open storage for guests to utilize when visiting. You could even add a charging station to an open cabinet to charge devices that you’ll grab on your way out the door!

Another essential thing to keep in mind is what you will be storing in your cabinets. Do you often use gardening supplies, sporting goods, or pet supplies? How often and how quickly do you need to be able to retrieve these things? These questions can inform your decision to opt for open or closed cabinets.

However, don’t feel like you have to choose only one style of cabinets! A mix of open, closed, hooks, and cubbies can add dimension and utility. Closed cabinets closer to the ceiling can hide tools and materials that you are not frequently reaching for. Incorporating various types of cabinets can help you tailor your cabinets to your mudroom’s dimensions and your budget. For smaller spaces, an L-shaped configuration can help you efficiently utilize the space in your mudroom without obstructing your walkway.

Design Considerations for Mudroom Cabinets

When adding cabinets to your mudroom, you also have choices in terms of design. Hardwood built-ins are warm and take up less space. However, if hardwood built-ins don’t fit your budget, you can find free-standing cabinets in many wood grains and colors as well. You can choose to coordinate your mudroom cabinets’ wood grain with connecting rooms. If your mudroom is accessible through the kitchen or laundry room, you may want to match or coordinate with these cabinets. It can also be beneficial to opt for a rustic look, which can easily hide wear and tear from constant use while maintaining a charming style.

Redesign Your Mudroom Today with Special Additions

Take your mudroom from “drab” to “fab” with Special Additions. Our talented team of designers can help you add stylish, functional cabinets to your mudroom with ease. Contact us today!