A Guide to Matching Your Cabinets to Your Kitchen Island

A Guide to Matching Your Cabinets to Your Kitchen Island

A Guide to Matching Your Cabinets to Your Kitchen Island Special Additions

7 Tips for Matching Your Cabinets to Your Kitchen Island

Matching your cabinets to your kitchen island is a great way to add cohesion, style, and focal points to your space. While you may choose to have your island stand alone with accent colors, you can also choose to add symmetry with complementary colors, textures, and fixtures.

Here are seven tips for tying your cabinets and your kitchen island together and creating the kitchen of your dreams!

1) Decide Between Matching vs. Contrasting

You’ll first need to decide if you will have your kitchen island be the same color and material as your cabinets or if you will play these two features off of one another.

2) Consider Hardware

If you choose to contrast your island and wall cabinets, you may want to use matching hardware to tie these features together. You can also use the same hardware style in different colors to complement the different cabinet colors more appropriately.

3) Coordinate with Countertops

Suppose you want to use different colored cabinets on your wall and your island. In that case, you can match your island’s countertops to the rest of the kitchen’s counters to ensure seamless incorporation, while still using the island as a focal point in the room.

4) Consider Materials

Your cabinets’ materials can offer a range of textures and colors. Mix and match their unique aesthetics to create visual interest.

5) Make Sure It Fits the Room

If you match your island to your wall cabinets, make sure the color you choose will look appealing when taking up wall space. White wall cabinets can open up space in smaller kitchens, and a dark or bright island can add color without closing in the room.

If you are replacing your cabinets and island but not updating other aspects of your kitchen, ensure they will match all the existing features and decorations in the space.

6) Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets on the kitchen island and walls are easy to complement. These also add charm and convenience to your space.

7) Contrasting and Matching with Other Features

Consistency between your cabinets and island can allow for more contrast in other features in your kitchen—such as your backsplash, wall color, and decor. Alternatively, you can choose to contrast your cabinets and island while matching the island to your backsplash or floor tiling for cohesion.

You can also choose to match your island’s wood grain with hardwood flooring to tie the island into the room while still creating contrast with the wall cabinets.

Make Matching Your Cabinets a Breeze with Special Additions

At Special Additions, we work hard to bring your dream kitchen or bathroom designs to life. If your dream design involves matching your cabinets to your kitchen island, our talented team of designers can help. Contact us today!