Quality Cabinets: How to Know if They’re Worth it

Quality Cabinets: How to Know if They’re Worth it

Quality Cabinets: How to Know if They’re Worth it Special Additions

What Makes a Quality Cabinet?

When you go shopping for new cabinets, it can be hard at first glance to tell if you’re looking at a quality cabinet or a shoddy cabinet. With the right amount of paint or varnish, even the most poorly constructed cabinets can look more solid than they really are. The next time you’re shopping for new cabinets, be sure to inspect these 6 details so you know you’re getting a quality cabinet.

Cabinet Frame

The frame of a quality cabinet will be made of solid hardwood that’s at least ¾” thick. Check to make sure that the pieces that make the frame are joined by dowels or pocket screw joints. If you see that the frame is just stapled or glued together, then you know you’re looking at a poor-quality cabinet.


Just like with the cabinet frame, you want your cabinet doors to be made of solid hardwood that’s ¾” thick. Most cabinet door center panels are made from medium density fiberboard, which is fine, since the center panel is decorative and not essential to the functioning of the cabinet. If the entire cabinet door is made of fiberboard or particle board, or thin wood panels, then avoid that cabinet.


Hinges are not something that people usually think about when searching for quality cabinetry. But your cabinet doors are going to be opened and shut thousands of times, so you need your hinges to be strong and durable. Your best option is to choose steel hinges with a nickel-plated finish. Make sure the hinges have a soft-close function as well. This will prevent door slamming and further extend the life of your cabinets. Avoid hinges made of plastic, cheap metal alloys, or ones that don’t have a soft-close function.

Drawer Box

Quality cabinet drawers should be constructed to hold at least 20 pounds with no problem. Look for drawer boxes that have solid hardwood sides that are at least ½” thick and held together with dovetail joints. The bottom should typically be plywood and fully set into grooves on all four sides. Be wary of cabinets that have drawer boxes made from particleboard, plastic, or plywood and held together with only staples.

Drawer Glides

Drawer glides usually attach to the side of the drawer but can be mounted to the underside of the drawer as well. Ideally, you should seek out a drawer glide made of steel with ball bearings and a soft close function. Poor quality cabinets will often use plastic glides or some combination of cheap metal and plastic. These don’t allow for smooth gliding drawers and tend to break easily.

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