How to Design a Kid Friendly Bathroom that They Won’t Outgrow

How to Design a Kid Friendly Bathroom that They Won’t Outgrow

How to Design a Kid Friendly Bathroom that They Won’t Outgrow Special Additions

Kid Friendly Bathroom Layouts

Designing a kid friendly bathroom can be a ton of fun. You can choose cute and playful themes, and everything is just so small and colorful. But as you know, little kids don’t stay little for long. When they are in their tween or pre-teen years, they’re going to start to need larger accommodations and might not be so thrilled with the “mermaid” theme that delighted them as a child. To avoid having to remodel your child’s bathroom every few years, try these tips to design a kid friendly bathroom layout that they won’t outgrow, no matter how hard they try.

Tubs and Showers

Make sure you install a tub with a shower. Your little one will use the tub exclusively for years, but then will likely transition to showers when they get older, so you want to be prepared for that. But, be sure to choose a larger-sized tub just in case your older kid does want to keep taking baths for a while. Consider installing a handheld shower head that you can use while washing your baby or toddler but can be mounted when the child starts bathing him or herself. Finally, adding grab bars to the walls to help prevent slips and falls is always a good idea.


Toilet height is an important decision. A smaller toilet is easier for smaller children to use but can be awkward as the child reaches pre-teen and teen years. You can choose to replace the toilet when the time comes. Or, install an adult height toilet and teach your child to use a step stool if needed. When it comes to the toilet seat, look for a one with a child-sized integrated rim. When the child no longer needs it, you can simply replace the seat.


The most popular vanity size for designing a kid friendly bathroom is 32” to 34”. At this height, a child can still reach the sink, but it can still be appropriate for teens and adults. Your child will likely use a stool for a while anyway, so it’s probably better to choose a taller vanity so your child will get the most use out of it as they grow.


Kids love to splash water, and accidents are bound to happen during toilet training, so use tile flooring and tile baseboard instead of wood in your kid friendly bathroom. It’s easier to clean and won’t warp.


The most fun part of designing a kid friendly bathroom is choosing a super cute theme. By all means, go for it, but avoid doing anything that’s going to be hard to undo. Instead, introduce a theme using towels, floor mats, wall stickers, paint color, mirrors, artwork, and cabinet hardware. Any of these elements can be easily switched out when the theme is no longer appropriate.


Having ample cabinet space in the bathroom is something that people need at every stage of life. You’ll want to be able to store plenty of towels, extra diapers, baby shampoo, powders, and lotions while your child is still a baby. As he or she transitions to  teenage years, then the cabinets will be used for shaving needs, toiletries, make-up, deodorants, and maybe even their own stash of cleaning supplies so they can start cleaning their own bathroom as well.

Designing a kid friendly bathroom that your kids won’t outgrow is possible! Your best bet is to keep these tips in mind and then meet with a professional bath designer. You can trust the experts at Special Additions to be your bathroom design specialists. Our design staff will work with you each step of the way—from the initial meeting through installation to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

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