Tips on Pairing Glass and Metal in the Kitchen

Tips on Pairing Glass and Metal in the Kitchen

Tips on Pairing Glass and Metal in the Kitchen Special Additions

Glass and Metal Pair Nicely in Kitchens. Try it Out Yourself!

When you’re looking for ways to enhance your kitchen, the materials you use can make all the difference in the world. For example, have you ever considered pairing glass and metal in your kitchen décor? Glass adds brightness and airiness to your kitchen, while metal brings in a grounding element and give it a modern feel. Using glass and metal in kitchens is becoming quite the design trend. Here are four ways you can pair glass and metal in your kitchen.

Creative Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking to take a big step away from traditional kitchen décor, then consider glass and metal kitchen cabinets. One of the most popular looks is glass front panels and shelving sitting inside a stainless-steel cabinet. The tempered glass shelving and front panels are strong and functional, and they prevent the stainless-steel cabinets from overpowering the kitchen. Glass and metal cabinets will create a sleek, ultra-modern kitchen that’s open, yet nicely organized.

Bold Backsplashes

Creating a glass and metal tile backsplash can help you to achieve a contemporary look while retaining warmth in your kitchen design. One option is to create a checkered pattern using a metal tile made from brass or stainless steel and a single-color glass tile. Or use a variety of colored glass tiles along with metal tiles for a mosaic. You can even choose tiles of different colors, sizes, and thickness to create more of a fun and funky atmosphere in your kitchen.

Cool Kitchen Tables

Glass and metal kitchen tables are extremely common. If you’re unsure of how to best mix glass and metal in your kitchen, then this might be the easiest way to start. For a modern kitchen, choose a table with stainless-steel or chrome legs and a square or rectangular glass top. Or, if you’d rather not go for the modern look, you could choose a wrought iron base with a round glass top to instantly evoke the feeling of an old-world French or Italian café. Get matching wrought iron chairs with cushions to complete the look.

Shelving Solutions

Open kitchen shelves are trending right now and are a great way to start bringing the look of glass and metal into your kitchen. You could bring a stand-alone shelving unit into your kitchen or install shelving directly into the walls. Choose stainless-steel, wrought iron, or even brass brackets with tempered glass shelves depending on the look you’re going for. You could also install completely metal shelves if you want to achieve a chic urban aesthetic. Just be sure to counter-balance the metal by placing glass jars or containers filled with colorful spices, pasta, rice, dried beans, or even flowers on top.

Glass and Metal are the Perfect Kitchen Combo

When it comes to kitchen décor, pairing glass and metal gives you the opportunity to create a wide variety of looks. Use these tips as inspiration to start bringing these elements into your kitchen.

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