How to Incorporate Teal Accents into Your Home

How to Incorporate Teal Accents into Your Home

How to Incorporate Teal Accents into Your Home Special Additions

These Teal Accents Will Make Your Room Pop

Teal is a gorgeous blend of blue and green that evokes summery, breezy, beachy feelings. But when thinking about a color palette for your home, you might not consider teal. Or maybe you have considered the color but felt too intimidated to actually try using it. Fortunately, you don’t need too much teal to make a bold statement. Here are ways you can incorporate teal accents that will make any room in your house the center of attention.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen chairs or stool cushions are the perfect place for teal accents because they’re visible, but not a major element of the kitchen. Add teal tiles into your backsplash and try teal cabinet hardware to bring a bit more attention to this bright pop of color in your kitchen. For a bolder statement, paint your kitchen cabinets teal to give your entire kitchen a cool and fun feel.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms are the ideal room in the house to start experimenting with teal accents. Bathrooms typically feature a lot of white and blue, so swapping out blue for a rich shade of teal can unexpected depth and elevate the look of your entire bathroom. Not ready to make a big commitment? Start by adding teal hand towels and a teal shower curtain. Take it a step further by randomly adding teal tiles among any existing white tiles. Or, go all-in with complete teal tiling and bathroom cabinets.

In the Living Room

Your living room gives you so many options to play with adding bright color accents. Teal throw pillows and blankets for the couch and small area rugs are the perfect starting point when trying out teal accents. You can also pick up a single accent piece, like a chair with teal upholstery or a side table painted teal. Another popular trend is to create an accent wall. Pick one wall in the room and paint it teal while keeping the other walls a neutral color. If that seems like too much teal, then tone it down by placing furniture against the wall or strategically hanging artwork and photographs.

In the Kids’ Room

If you want to amp up the color in your child’s bedroom or play area, then consider adding teal to the room’s color palette. Teal works well with dark blue, baby blue, pink, and yellow, so you don’t have to worry about clashing colors. It’s a fun way to step away from traditional colors, but still keep the friendly and whimsical energy you want in a child’s room.

Outside Your Home

If you love teal but are absolutely convinced that you can’t make teal accents work inside your home, then try painting the front door of your house teal. It will add a pop of color to the exterior of your home and add curb appeal. A teal front entrance will evoke calming, welcoming feelings in guests that they will carry with them into your home.

Try These Teal Tips

If you’re ready to try teal accents, here are some additional tips to get you started:

  • Sample several paint shades. Buy small containers of various shades of teal to figure out exactly what you like best before making a larger investment.
  • Start small. Bring in a few pieces of teal décor and artwork just to see how you like having the color in your living space. After a while, you can decide if you want to bring in larger pieces or start painting walls.
  • Enjoy experimenting. Remember, have fun and know that that you can always change your mind. If you decide you don’t like the teal accents, you can always remove them or repaint.

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