3 Ways to Style Hexagon Backsplash

3 Ways to Style Hexagon Backsplash

3 Ways to Style Hexagon Backsplash 1920 1280 Special Additions

Fall in Love with Hexagon Backsplash this Spring

Hexagon backsplashes are a popular choice for kitchens, adding geometric elegance to any space. Their unique shape offers a range of possibilities for styling that can suit any design aesthetic. Here are three ways to style hexagon backsplash in your kitchen.

Classic Monochrome

Consider a monochromatic color scheme for your hexagon backsplash for a timeless and elegant look. White or black hexagons are classic options that can blend seamlessly into any kitchen design and evoke subtle sophistication. This option is especially popular for modern or minimalist kitchens.

If you want to add texture and visual interest to your backsplash, consider choosing a hexagon tile with a pattern, such as a raised texture or a glazed finish. Doing so can add dimension and visual interest to an otherwise simple design.

Bold Contrast

Consider pairing your hexagon backsplash with a bold contrasting color to make a statement in your kitchen. A black and white hexagon backsplash can create a high-contrast look that feels modern and timeless. If you want to incorporate color, consider pairing your hexagon backsplash with brightly colored cabinetry or countertops. For example, a yellow or green backsplash can create a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere in your kitchen.

Another way to add contrast is to play with different finishes and textures. A matte hexagon backsplash can create a sleek and modern look when paired with glossy countertops, while a glossy backsplash provides a contrasting shine against matte countertops.

Natural Materials

For a more organic and earthy feel, try using natural materials for your hexagon backsplash. Marble or granite hexagon tiles are a sophisticated option. In contrast, a natural stone or wood hexagon backsplash can create a rustic and cozy atmosphere. When styling with natural materials, choosing a material that complements your overall design aesthetic is essential. For example, a marble hexagon backsplash can look stunning in a modern or minimalist kitchen, while a wood backsplash can complement a country or farmhouse-style kitchen.

Create Your Dream Kitchen with Special Additions

There are many ways to style a hexagon backsplash in your kitchen. Whether you prefer a classic monochromatic look, bold contrast, or natural materials, a hexagon backsplash can add elegance and personality to your space. So don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different colors, textures, and materials to find the perfect look for your kitchen! At Special Additions, our team of experienced design professionals is ready to help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today!