3 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

3 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

3 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space 1280 853 Special Additions

Bathroom Lighting Inspiration for Your Home

Lighting is an important factor when it comes to bathrooms. Not only does it provide a pleasant ambience and relaxing atmosphere, but it also serves a functional purpose in illuminating the area. With the right bathroom lighting, you can make sure that your space is beautiful, comfortable, and safe to use, while also complementing other aspects of the room like cabinetry and countertops.

Keep reading to learn our tips for brightening up your bathroom.

Considerations for Bathroom Lighting

When choosing bathroom lighting, you want to make sure the fixtures match your overall aesthetic while also providing the level of illumination you desire. Some lighting options may provide a brighter, more modern feel, while others may provide a soft, subtle glow or a cozier vibe. Consider how the illumination will affect your room’s character and your overall mood when you are using the space.

Common Types of Bathroom Lighting

A couple common types of bathroom lighting include wall sconces, recessed lights, and illuminated mirrors. Each of these has unique advantages. For example, wet-location rated wall sconces add light and personality to any room, offering both antique decorative flair as well as practical function. Recessed lights, on the other hand, can be customized to fit any size or shape bathroom and give off a flattering amount of illumination. Finally, illuminated mirrors provide a sleek, high-end look to any space, especially when they feature modern style trends such as a frameless look or unique shape.

How Bathroom Lighting Complements Your Space

The right bathroom lighting can help showcase aspects of your bathroom that you want to highlight, such as a unique bathroom vanity. You’ll want to shine a light on your gorgeous countertops and stylish vanity cabinets, so choose bathroom lighting that will best complement the space. Unique fixtures can help draw the eye to the bathroom vanity area, while lighting dispersed evenly throughout the room will contribute to the overall ambience.

Redesign Your Bathroom with Special Additions

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