The Benefits of Having a Kitchen Sink Cabinet

The Benefits of Having a Kitchen Sink Cabinet

The Benefits of Having a Kitchen Sink Cabinet 1280 853 Special Additions

3 Benefits of a Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Kitchen sink cabinets, also known as sink base cabinets, are a common feature in most homes. Did you know that there are specific benefits to having one in your kitchen? Keep reading to learn the top 3 benefits of this type of cabinet!

Hides Plumbing

Unless you decide to have a commercial-style sink in your space where the plumbing is exposed, chances are your kitchen sink cabinet will hide the sink’s plumbing. Doors or drawer fronts in front of the kitchen sink cabinet will balance out the appearance of the cabinet, while also providing plenty of access to the plumbing due to the lack of a back panel.

Extra Storage

While a kitchen sink cabinet doesn’t have drawers, to avoid interference with waterlines, waste traps, and other pipes beneath the sink, it does provide some extra storage. This area is the perfect space to stow away dishwasher detergent, rubber gloves, cleaning supplies, and garbage bags for easy access.

Aesthetic Options

Finally, your kitchen sink cabinet is a great opportunity to further highlight your kitchen’s style. You can either choose to match this cabinet with your other cabinetry, or perhaps find a contrasting or complementary color or aesthetic for added visual intrigue. The choices are virtually endless!

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