3 Ways to Spruce Up Modern Bathroom Vanities

3 Ways to Spruce Up Modern Bathroom Vanities

3 Ways to Spruce Up Modern Bathroom Vanities Special Additions

Ways to Make the Most of Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathroom vanities are a great way to add a sense of style and modernity to any bathroom. However, their designs can often be quite minimalist, leaving them feeling a bit clinical and uninviting. To make modern vanities feel more welcoming and charming, there are plenty of ways to spruce them up while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Here are the top three ways to decorate modern bathroom vanities to give your bathroom more appeal.


In modern bathrooms, mirrors are one of the most essential design elements. A carefully chosen mirror can instantly brighten a space, add character, and create a focal point in the vanity area. Choose mirrors with unique frames or shapes to accentuate the modern feel with some personality.


Light fixtures are another great way to make modern bathroom vanities look more inviting while also adding functionality. Incorporating lighting around the vanity area makes it easier for users to see their reflection when grooming or applying makeup. Soft lighting can also evoke a relaxing atmosphere, making adjustable lighting a great option.


Finishing touches like modern accessories can elevate modern bathroom vanities and give them a more personalized look. From unique soap dishes to sleek toothbrush holders, stylish accessories add the perfect finishing touches to any modern bathroom vanity area.

Elevate Your Modern Bathroom Vanity’s Style

By incorporating these simple design elements, you can enhance modern bathroom vanities and create an inviting atmosphere that is both contemporary and cozy. With just a few simple tweaks, you can turn any modern bathroom into a luxurious retreat. To get started with creating the perfect modern bathroom, contact Special Additions today!