How to Maximize Your Small Kitchen Island Space

How to Maximize Your Small Kitchen Island Space

How to Maximize Your Small Kitchen Island Space Special Additions

Enhance Your Small Kitchen Island Space with 3 Tips

A kitchen island doesn’t need to be physically huge to have a huge impact! If your kitchen features a small kitchen island, there are many things you can do to maximize your space to the fullest.

Keep reading to learn our top three tips for enhancing your small kitchen island!

Tip 1: Add Shelving and Storage Space

Even with a smaller-sized standalone kitchen island, you can install ample storage space. The possibilities are endless, from utensil drawers and storage cubbies to bookshelves, wine racks, and more! You can even incorporate fold-out cubbies in a small kitchen island for other items you’d like to stash away, and add wheels to move the island out of the kitchen when it’s not in use.

Tip 2: Hang an Eye-Catching Light Fixture Overhead

By hanging a light fixture over your small kitchen island, you can create a welcoming atmosphere while illuminating your workspace or dining nook. Try unique statement pendant lighting to transform the area into a work of art.

Tip 3: Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your kitchen, a small kitchen island is a perfect place to do so! If your kitchen features a lot of neutral tones, try an eye-popping color like sage green or azure. You can also mix and match countertop materials and colors between your small kitchen island and the rest of your space for extra flair.

Take Your Small Kitchen Island to the Next Level

Whether you’re looking for more design inspiration for your small kitchen island or planning a complete kitchen redesign, we can help. Our design experts are here to help you create the perfect kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. If you’d like to choose and install the best kitchen island for your home, contact Special Additions today!