Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid Special Additions

Avoid These Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Redesigning your kitchen is a big decision that requires planning and thinking ahead. This process should be fun and allow you to create your dream kitchen, but avoiding certain pitfalls is essential. Discover our tips for how you can avoid the most common kitchen renovation mistakes.

Working Without a Plan

Most kitchen renovation mistakes occur when you don’t have a plan. Before you can even begin renovating, it’s crucial to write down all your ideas and figure out your goals. Consider asking yourself a few questions: Are you redesigning your kitchen because you need more space? Or are you looking to update your kitchen’s aesthetic?

Coming up with a plan will not only guide you on what to do during the renovation, but it will also motivate you throughout the process, serving as a reminder of what you’re working towards and helping keep you on track. A plan can also help you avoid kitchen renovation mistakes since it’ll be your outline before the project begins.

Forgetting Your Budget

Deciding to renovate any part of your home can be a costly endeavor. Common kitchen renovation mistakes arise whenever people forget how much they have allocated for the process. It’s crucial to remember your budget and include it in the planning process, accounting for how much you can afford to spend on flooring, cabinets, appliances, paint, and other materials.

Remember your budget throughout your renovation journey to stay on top of everything. It’s also a good idea to save “emergency” money or some extra funds in case anything happens or certain items aren’t available.

Measuring Too Late

If you’re getting new appliances, it’s best to measure how much space you have early on or before you have cabinets and counters placed in. Some of the most common kitchen renovation mistakes result from people forgetting measurements and having their appliances brought in last. Appliances can’t be readjusted, but cabinets and counters can.

Neglecting Storage and Space

Kitchens come in various sizes, and it’s essential to know the amount of space available in yours. Another common kitchen renovation mistake is neglecting to consider how much open space you need beyond appliances and furniture.

While choosing suitable cabinets and other storage options for all your supplies is important, you’ll also need space to move around the area. You should also ensure that you have ample room to cook, entertain, and enjoy a meal to enjoy your dream kitchen when the renovation ends.

Forgetting Electricity and Lighting

The last kitchen renovation mistake to be aware of concerns electricity and lighting. It can be easy to get caught up in choosing what cabinets look best or selecting the newest appliances for your kitchen. Still, it’s important to remember you’ll need electrical wiring and adequate lighting as well. For smaller kitchen appliances, such as toasters and microwaves, you’ll also need to have enough accessible electrical outlets. Additionally, visibility is vital for cooking in your kitchen, so don’t forget about choosing complementary light fixtures.

Design Your Dream Kitchen with Special Additions

Our best tip to avoid kitchen renovation mistakes is to work with Special Additions. Contact us today and visit our showroom to gain inspiration for remodeling your kitchen!