Which Kitchen Sink Styles Match Your Aesthetic?

Which Kitchen Sink Styles Match Your Aesthetic?

Which Kitchen Sink Styles Match Your Aesthetic? Special Additions

3 Types of Kitchen Sink Styles

The kitchen sink is one of the most essential features in a kitchen. Both a focal point and a frequently-used appliance, the kitchen sink style that is right for your taste and needs is an important decision.

There are three main types of sinks, which are differentiated by their method of installment. Read on to learn which type is the best option for your kitchen.

1. Undermount Sinks

As implied by the name, undermount sinks are installed under the kitchen countertop. This creates a streamlined appearance and an easy-to-clean sink. The sinks offer the sleekest installation and are great for a modern aesthetic.

Undermount sinks are best suited for solid surface and nonporous countertop materials such as granite and marble.

2. Drop-In Sinks

In drop-in sinks, the lip of the sink sets just above the countertop. This is typically the only sink installation style that can be used with laminate countertops. A great budget option, drop-in sinks are perfect for a traditional kitchen aesthetic.

3. Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are set into the countertop with the front of the sink exposed. This kitchen sink style is deep and ideal for washing large dishware. Because of their depth, farmhouse sinks require specific bottom cabinets for installation.

Of course, this kitchen sink style is perfect for rustic, farmhouse aesthetics. However, you can find modern farmhouse sink styles to reap the benefits of a farmhouse sink without sacrificing a chic appearance.

Different Kitchen Sink Features to Consider

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen sink style for your home! Besides the basic style of kitchen sinks, there are additional features you can choose from to perfectly complement your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can achieve different styles by choosing a sink in different textures, materials, and colors.

Stainless steel is the most common sink material and is an excellent option for durability. On the other hand, ceramic sinks are more fashionable and won’t dent as a stainless steel sink can. However, ceramic can break glassware more easily and is more difficult to clean than stainless steel. Choose a stainless steel or white ceramic sink for a classic, traditional feel.

A marble or granite sink is an elegant, glamorous choice. These materials are not as durable or easy to clean as stainless steel and ceramic, but they are incredibly stylish options. Alternatively, a dark brushed metal sink is perfect for sleek, modern styles, while a brushed gold or copper sink is right at home in either a retro or sophisticated space.

Don’t forget how countertops will integrate with your sink’s design. You can choose to coordinate your kitchen sink material with your countertops for a seamless, modern look. A contrasting sink material adds flair and ornateness to the space. A single sink basin is a simple, chic option, while a double sink basin adds functionality and a classic feel.

Finally, the type and appearance of faucet you choose for your kitchen sink also contribute to the style and aesthetic of the sink and the overall kitchen space. Be mindful of the hardware you choose since it will significantly impact your kitchen’s overall design.

Get Style Guidance for Your Kitchen Redesign

At Special Additions, our team of design experts can help you choose the best sinks, cabinetry, countertops, and more to create a kitchen you’ll love. For expert assistance in choosing and installing the kitchen sink style that is perfect for your home, contact Special Additions today!