Unique Bathroom Cabinet Colors to Try

Unique Bathroom Cabinet Colors to Try

Unique Bathroom Cabinet Colors to Try Special Additions

You’ll Love These Unique Bathroom Cabinet Colors

Bathroom cabinet colors can positively transform a bathroom—especially in smaller, more compact spaces. When choosing which bathroom cabinets to install in your home, you aren’t limited to wood grain or sterile white cabinets.

Choosing a unique bathroom cabinet color doesn’t have to mean an in-your-face pop of color. Non-traditional bathroom cabinet colors can be a bold statement or understated and adaptable, depending on your personal style.

Dare to break the mold with these fabulous colorful bathroom cabinet colors!

Unique Bathroom Cabinet Colors to Try

While there is no wrong choice when it comes to bathroom cabinet colors, here are some ideas to help inspire your bathroom makeover.

  • Cool, muted colors are a great way to add subtle color to your space while maintaining a clean appearance. Think slate gray, muted blues, or pastel turquoise.
  • Playful pinks and yellows are excellent bathroom cabinet color options to evoke an airy feel. Consider coral, baby pink, canary yellow, or lemon yellow cabinets.
  • If you still want to maintain a neutral, flexible style while choosing something more unique than standard wood grain, warm, creamy beiges may be the perfect palette for you! These colors allow you to add a bit of warmth and color that is still easy to match or resell.
  • Rich navy bathroom cabinets are a sophisticated, elegant choice! These pair beautifully with gold hardware and can fit into a classic, nautical, or modern design.
  • Grays and charcoals are modern and sleek options for your bathroom cabinets. A neutral and contemporary aesthetic doesn’t have to mean flat and cold! Choose different undertones and finishes to perfectly accent your space.
  • Shades of peach are cute and fun, bringing warmth and brightness to a bathroom.
  • Pinks can range from pastel to bright, from glamorous to playful, and from feminine to sophisticated—no matter your style!
  • Greens are popular kitchen and bathroom cabinet colors—and for a good reason. Greens are fantastic for incorporating liveliness into a space. Think muted sage, seafoam green, deep blue-greens, and stunning true greens.
  • Finally, for the adventurous, energetic spirit, you can choose bathroom cabinets in bright colors to create a focal point in the room. Chartreuse, vivid reds, and royal blue are all stunning bathroom cabinet colors that can be incorporated into many different styles.

How to Incorporate Bathroom Cabinet Colors

Regardless of the color you choose for your bathroom cabinets, you can use accents, décor, and details to perfectly tie your cabinets into your space. For example, you can choose from gold, bronze, or chrome and polished or brushed hardware to complement or contrast your bathroom cabinet color to create your desired style and tone. Alternatively, you can coordinate décor, such as artwork or live plants with your cabinets, or create additional pops of color in your tile, rugs, or shower curtain.

There are countless options for choosing a gorgeous bathroom cabinet color, and that’s just one element of design to consider. At Special Additions, our team of kitchen and bath design experts can help you choose the perfect cabinetry for your redesign. Find inspiration in our home cabinet portfolio, then bring new life and a pop of color to your bathroom by contacting Special Additions today!