Design Inspiration: Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Design Inspiration: Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Design Inspiration: Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets Special Additions

Style Elements of Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Styles from the 1940s – 1960s are having a major renaissance. For example, mid-century design is as popular as ever. This style focuses on geometric, architectural lines and sleek simplicity, as well as prioritizing livability and function. Scandinavian design rose to prominence in the mid-20th-Century, and the understated elements integral to Scandinavian style heavily influenced mid-century style trends. Streamlined elements, warm tones, and the confluence of comfort and fashion define mid-century modern design.

You can easily incorporate these elements into your kitchen, and what better way to transform your kitchen than with your cabinets? Keep reading to discover ideas for bringing nostalgic mid-century modern design to your kitchen!

Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Features

A major component of mid-century modern kitchen cabinet design is warm, medium-toned natural wood grain, especially walnut and oak. Choosing kitchen cabinets in one of these wood tones instead of darker wood will help give your kitchen a mid-century modern feel.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, instead of beveled edges or ornate cabinets, opt for sleek lines and geometric shapes to add a modern look. European-style cabinets are also an excellent choice for a modern aesthetic!

For a variety of storage options, you can also incorporate a mix of open shelving and closed cabinets. This contributes to the retro feel of the room without sacrificing storage space.

In terms of mid-century modern kitchen cabinet hardware, long straight pulls are most common. Like the cabinets themselves, the hardware should feature sleek architectural designs. Either brushed or polished brass accent natural wood cabinets beautifully, or choose chrome for an even more modern look. Cabinets without hardware are also a chic choice!

How to Incorporate Mid Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Once you’ve chosen the perfect mid-century modern kitchen cabinets, you can add other pieces and decor that accentuate the retro look and feel of the room.

Mixing natural wood cabinets with white countertops is a great way to add contrast. You can also add visual intrigue by pairing wood cabinets with pops of color in your backsplash, kitchen decor, and other accessories. Greens, teals, and yellows are all popular color choices in mid-century modern design. You can also play with classic mid-century patterns in your kitchen backsplash to add flair to your space!

In addition, coordinating drop lights over the kitchen island is a great way to add light and mid-century style elements to your kitchen. You can harmonize the colors of your light fixtures with your kitchen cabinets or counters, or you could choose to play with complementary colors and textures.

Finally, vintage-inspired bar stools are an easy way to compliment the retro feel of the room while adding seating for a more comfortable, livable space.

Discover Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets & More Styles

Make your dream home a priority this year. For more mid-century modern kitchen cabinet inspiration, or to work with expert designers to bring retro ideas to life in your home, contact Special Additions today!